Saturday, September 16, 2006

My new toy...

I ordered a new toy yesterday!! I've been wanting one of these for years and years, just never could justify the cost. So I was reading another blog and saw this awesome deal at and it was just way too good to be true. Of course, when I clicked, I thought it was an affiliate link (she later realized she'd posted the wrong link - so no kickbacks. Sorry, Kim!!), and discussed it with my wonderful honey and he said to go for it.

Here's the deal - Kitchenaid Mixer. When I checked a few minutes ago, they only had two left, and as much as I wanted the cobalt blue one to go with my newly redecorated kitchen, the only ones they had left were white, so that'll go with my cabinets just fine. I also was able to use the coupon code FALLSAVE to save an additional $25.00, and it qualified for free shipping!! So I ordered the pouring shield to go with, and spent less than $125.00!! Now that's a honey of a deal.

Now I have to work on being patient, because I can't wait until it gets here!! I'm so excited! I can make my own cookie dough for our annual Cookie Day, I can bake cakes & things without having to drag out the beaters & stuff, and I can make bread dough without having to do it by hand!! It's got the bowl lift feature, which I really prefer - Peter and I both seem to have an issue when the mixer itself tilts up. We both tend to let it slip without meaning to.

So that's the excitement here for the weekend. That's the only thing that I've got to say that's not booooring. It's just a lazy day here at the OK Corral. :D

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