Monday, January 29, 2007

Almost done!

My sweet husband has done an awesome job on our new desk/office/scrapbooking area. This is just a portion of the desk - there's actually more! He's planning to build another shelf under the desk, and we're planning to utilize rolling storage that will reside under the desk for some of my other things that we don't need to access frequently.

I'm really proud of him, since he's never done anything like this before, so it's been a collaborative effort. I drew up the plans and did the measuring. He did the actual construction, with a bit of help from me. It's amazing how much it opens the room up. We've already been able to get rid of two pieces of furniture, with one more leaving as soon as I can get a photo taken of it.

The room is still only about half done, but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! :) I'm SO ready to get back to scrapbooking - I haven't touched any of my paperstickyfoldystuff since Christmas. I've got everything put together for three separate albums, but have to find the time to put them together. Hopefully in another couple of days, it'll be done. I'll share more pics as we progress...

Friday, January 26, 2007


My sweet honey did such a good job painting last night! These stripes are going to go all the way around the room. The ceiling is the same color as the walls, which makes the room feel a bit bigger. The colors of the stripes are a bit lighter in person, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to look right on the computer.

But anyway, he's off to one of his favorite places - Lowes - to get bolts and such so we can put my scrap area together. Yay! :) I'm SO loving these colors together, and I'm SO loving that my sweet man is so willing to build something special for US, not just me. He's chomping at the bit to get it completed so he can work on the kitchen again. When we get finished, we'll have a whole new house!

More pics coming up later...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to keep a child quiet

Not to mention keeping them out of your paint! I got these awesome lacing buttons a long time ago, and forgot about them, but Hannah's been bugging us to help paint, so I got them out, and now they're very busy. Too cool. These will be going into our "going to Grandma's" bag! :)

Goodbye, Red...

Not quite four years ago, when we bought our house, I wanted a gorgeous red Victorian room. We had the antique furniture to put into it, so our guest room was painted a lovely dark claret red, with a beautiful border.

Now, however, the whole purpose of the room has completely changed. Lori took the furniture back, and the room is now our office/playroom and my scrapbooking area. So the time has come to update and refresh the room to reflect the new purpose. Not to mention building new storage options so we can better use the space.

We began the process of painting this morning, and we've gotten the wall that's going to hold my dedicated scrap area primed, ready to put the wall color on. My scrap area is going to be built-in, with rolling carts underneath the one end for my printers. Here's a pic of the wall before and after priming.

I will post more pics as we progress. Our goal? To have it DONE by the end of Saturday. :) Think we can do it??

Monday, January 22, 2007


Running through my mind are luscious visions of warm creamy ivory, rich chocolatey brown, yummy pink & cool turquoise... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

In our garage is a really great assortment of brackets, standards, L-brackets, and castors. Thank you to Mom for the gift card - I think that may be my favorite gift of the year! Thanks to the website that allowed me to earn a Home Depot gift card just for reading my emails! We only had to spend a little bit of cash to get everything we needed.

Tomorrow we hope to buy lumber and paint, along with magnetic paint and blackboard paint.

Soon I'll have a whole new place to get creative and room to spread all my yummies. And hopefully newfound inspiration to get all my memories and photos into albums again.

Will post before & after pics soon....

Can you tell I'm WAY excited??

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So it's FINALLY gotten cold.... yippee!!! Wish it would stay like this for about two months, so it would kill off all the ukky bugs that have been making their rounds. Alas, that probably isn't in the cards, considering how little winter we've gotten the past few years.

We've been out and about the past few days - we're finally getting to put down the new flooring for Mom. I have to say that although Peter has never done anything like that before, he's doing a smashing job. Not to mention he's doing it only with what little help I'm able to give him, along with some assist from Florabeth tonight. Mom and Lori were busy doing other things that HAD to be done, so together, we've all gotten a lot accomplished the past couple of days.

We hope to have it completed by Thursday night. I am sure Mom and Lori will be glad to get their kitchen/dining room space back that's currently being occupied by all the furniture from the living room. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. It would have been really nice if he'd had help, but hey - when he gets done with the other two rooms, he should be a pro at it! :)

So that's what's going on in our world. I'm off to bed now - have seemingly gotten my days and nights mixed up and it's playing havoc with my daytime schedule. Someday, I hope to get back to going to bed at a decent hour so I'm not so groggy when I wake up early.

Be good, stay warm, and leave me a comment! Please.....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Still kicking

It's been a while since I updated, but I've been reading other blogs, and it seems that we've been having a taste of what everyone else has been having as well. Hannah was sick over the Holidays - didn't see the little tiger for 12 days! Boy, did I miss her!!

The babies were both sick between Christmas and New Year's. Peter's been fighting a stuffy nose and coughing for almost a month now, and then I really got bad last week. Had been having allergy/sinus problems for a while, but whatever got a hold on me really did it right. You mommies can sympathize with me - you just can't go lay down when you have little ones, no matter how badly you need to! So I saved my sleeping for the evenings and overnight. I now have the battle scars to prove that I've been sick. Don't ask....

Hannah's discovered that she likes her hair to be up in a bun. Not with pins, just with a couple of ponytail holders wrapped around it. Keeps it up off her neck, which is a good thing.

Monkey's hair is (finally) long enough to put into pigtails. She's so stinkin' cute anyway, and the pigtails just make you wanna say "ooooooohhhhhhhhh". I think she likes it as well. She's definately in her terrible two's - believe you me!! Some days are better than others, but still.... there's just nothing like it when she looks at me and says "I love you, Nene". My heart just melts.

Mazie's growing by leaps and bounds. She's starting to test her limits. She's learning to let go and stand on her own, or just holding on with one hand. She's going to be walking before too long. She's enjoying her two top teeth, at least until she sticks her fingers in her mouth and bites herself. You should hear her squall then! LOL Her two bottom ones are right under the skin, Peter says he'll give her until Monday for them to break through.

Peter's overtime has slacked up significantly, but he just got an offer for a different position - Saints, please pray that if it's for him, that he'll get it. And while you're praying, please pray that it will come with better compensation than he's getting now. He's been actually doing the job for well over a year without being paid for the work he does, but it would be nice to have that little extra coming in, and he's well qualified for it. If it's not what God wants, that's fine too. Just please pray.

In the meantime, he's been going several evenings/afternoons a week to paint and work at Mom's house. He's really tired, but wants to help as much as he can. He sat down and slept all evening yesterday - he was just so tired. Poor fella. I haven't gone over because after the girls leave in the evening, I'm totally bushed. I went to bed at 6:30 one night earlier this week! Now that's sad....

So that's what's going on in our corner of the world. If you've made it this far, please leave a comment to let me know that someone's actually reading my bloggishment! :) Thanks!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007 - Really?

Hope 2007 is awesome for all of you! It seems like time is just flying faster and faster. Guess that means I'm getting old.

I finally got to give Meg her Christmas gift today - have been waiting since Christmas to be able to give it to her. I made a scrapbook for her about Hannah. I had also made one for the babies' Mom and gave it to her last week. They both really seemed to like their scrapbooks, which was nice. :)

Been having some "issues" with some people over the price of a couch, which has sorta bummed me out. So sad when people have to act like children and air their grievances publicly instead of handling things in an adult manner. Oh, well - this, too, shall pass, right??

Peter and I are still fighting colds/allergies/sinus issues, going on a month for him, and somewhere around 3 months for me. Ughhhhh. Hannah's still got a nasty cough and runny nose, but seems to be feeling better. Amber's still got a cough and snottiness, and Mazie's just - well, she's just Mazie. Her nose runs when she's crying, but she's majorly drooly - which is probably from teething.

Mazie got two teeth - just after Christmas!! She got the two upper front teeth, and she looks SO adorable! She's got some sweet little ridges still, so she's working on cutting more soon. She's also starting to stand on her own two. Today she was holding onto the side of the playpen and just let go and put both hands behind her head and stood there for a minute until she realized she wasn't holding on, then she sat down pretty hard. She'll be walking before too long.... oh boy!

Baby Emma came to spend some time with us while Mommy took care of some things today - she's so beautiful! She did cry a bit, so I ended up holding her most of the time she was here. It was quite interesting when I did a diaper change, though, because I assembly lined them. Changed all three girls' diapers one after the other, so I sorta kinda got the feeling of having multiples. Scary! But we all enjoyed having her here, except Mazie - she was NOT happy about Nene holding another baby, and boy, did she let me know about it.

So that's the run-down on what's happening around here. I really need to try to do updates more often. Sorry about the slippage. Hope to post later in the week. :)