Sunday, July 27, 2008

Looking to the future

As much as I hate change, it's completely inevitable in life. No matter how much we'd like to have things remain just as they are, it's not going to happen. This week has brought quite a bit of change to our lives.

First, I found out that Hannah's starting school next month. That means I've done my job too well. She just turned 5 and is already reading and doing addition, so it's time for her to go into a setting where she can shine. As hard as it is to not have her here every day, Meg's promised that we'll still be in her life, and I'm to have her when school's out. I don't think I could handle not seeing her again. Guess it really helps that Meg's my sister by choice and in heart. Love that woman - it's almost like we were separated at birth or something. Scary thought, huh?

I'm starting a new phase in my life as of tomorrow. It's going to be hard, but I absolutely know the end results will be worth all the frustration and discomfort. Thanks to one of my bestest friends for helping me get my head wrapped around it and start thinking in the positive instead of dealing with the "never's". You rock, girlie, and I may well be calling on you to vent. Hope you don't mind.

Also found out that something wonderful happened this morning. I'm not going to say more than that, because it's not my news to share, but I just want the parties involved to know how happy I am for them, and I love you guys!!

And amidst all that, something cool was going on at home this week. We did a little home improvement, and now the bulk of my books are in one place. We were able to add a little bit of storage to the kitchen, which was BADLY needed! I was able to sell some stuff and have more to list in the next few days. It feels liberating to shed the CHAOS and get back to life as it should be.

So that's about it. Gonna go find some trouble to get into now....


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eliminating the CHAOS!

The past couple of weeks have been a busy time for all of us. Beth had a b'day on July 5, Jonathan had a b'day on the 9th, mine was on the 14th, and William's was yesterday. So we've been doing dinners, getting together with family and in general, just having a great time.

Peter has also installed 8' shelving in the small alcove in our living room, and we've moved all our books from several bookcases in the house to the new shelves. Then we've been rearranging furniture, downsizing and purging in general. I am determined to be able to get my house looking like it used to before my back/hip problems rendered me unable to do much of anything. I'm looking forward to being able to have visitors drop by unannounced without sending me into a panic! It will get there, it's just going to take time.

We found the local recycling place and dropped off a bunch of glass this morning, since they won't pick it up when we put it into the bins. For those of you who are local, the place is off Triana, behind the animal shelter, all the way at the end of the road. There's a lot of dumpsters out there for various things. You can drop off cardboard, paper, cans, plastic, and brown, green and clear glass. You can just pull up, open your trunk and put it right in the dumpsters. They're available 24 hours a day, and each dumpster is marked well for the contents. We're really trying to up our "green" lifestyle around here. Anything we can do to make the world a little bit better to live in is a good thing!! :)

Peter and I went to Poppi & The Queen's house this morning, just planning to p/u a piece of furniture and ended up having a fantabulous meal and a great time with them. We finally left around 1:30 or so, since Peter and Poppi both had to be on their jobs @ 3pm. When we stopped at the foot of the mountain to fuel up the van, the wind kicked in high gear. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, I was able to pull up a live radar on my cell phone and saw that it was gonna get pretty ukky really soon. We only made it maybe a mile or so down the road when the sky started weeping great big drops. We made it home right before it really broke loose, which I was super grateful for! Oh, and Poppi & The Queen - that squash is on my stove, just begging me to cook it it!! You guys grow 'em BIG on the mountain!!

Mom was here when we got home and she and I spent a nice hour doing "crafty" stuff and then she left for home. Then I sat in my chair and went right off to sleep! After Peter got home tonight, we continued our purge. I've got emails out to several people to please come p/u stuff I've had for them for quite some time, as well as emails out to the local trader & recycle groups to offer items we simply don't need/love any longer. Hopefully the "purge" pile by our front door will dwindle VERY soon! I want my space back! :)

I also got a couple of calls this evening, and I ask those of you who can, to please pray that if it's meant to be, things will work out. Is that completely vague enough??

Anywho, since Poppi said I needed to update, I have. Now, seeing as how HIS last update was on June 9th, let's all ask him to update! Maybe if enough of us ask him super nicely, he'll let us in on what's happening! LOL


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finding my mojo & jammin' to the oldies

So it's been a while since I posted, but I've been sorta kinda under the weather emotionally and mentally for a few months now. After getting some really encouraging news on Monday, however, I feel refreshed, excited and am looking forward to the future in a whole new way!!

I've actually become inspired to get back to my scrapbooking hobby after a few months of totally vegging out and ignoring all the photos and memories that need to be put on paper. Yesterday, I finished my 2006 Holidays pages, putting stickers and fun stuff on the pages, and got them all into an album. I also finally unpacked all the pages I'd finished at the last crop (was that in March or April?) and got those into an album. Then I finished the two layouts I've had hanging out since last fall that needed titles and got those into an album. I sorted all the stuff on my desk and got them into the proper containers and got those labelled and put away. Yay! Now my desk is (almost) free and clear to play with my paperstickyfoldystuff. :)

I've also been getting into older music, particularly Queen & Otis Redding lately. I watched a documentary on Otis Redding's life over the weekend, and it was great. I think I'm going to go through all the music on my hard drive and get all his music onto my mp3 player. He died way too young and he just was a wonderful talent. Peter bought Queen Greatest Hits 1 & 2 cd set for my birthday, and I'm having fun listening to their music. Man, if today's "musicians" and "singers" performed like those older acts, the whole landscape of music today would be vastly different. They put everything they had into performing the best of their abilities, instead of lipsynching and putting all their emphasis on dancing. Can you say yuck?

Anyway, enough of that. I'm going to share a few photos of this past weekend. My birthday was on Monday, and the family went to Logan's on Sunday to celebrate. We had a fun waiter and he kept things lively for us all! Needless to say, he got a really good tip from our table!! Thanks to all of you who made it for dinner, and those of you who didn't - we missed you!! And yeah, I know.... ONE MORE YEAR!! And you can believe that cup's gonna be prominantly displayed in my home! :)

And after this picture, she tried to "schleck" him! LOL Funny Beth - she was definately feeling her oats!

Don't know what Lori was doing, but anyway, here's Emy in front, Lori & Kathryn bringing up the rear. All four of Mom's daughters were there!

Anthony means business when it comes to hot wings!! :D

Mom and I! Thanks for giving me life, Momma!!

Beth gave me this huge card and when I opened it, it started singing to me! The Dancing Hamsters!! Couldn't help it - just had to laugh!! Thanks, Sis!!