Saturday, September 30, 2006

It feels GOOD!

After a long hiatus from putting pictures on paper, and focusing on mostly swap pages and cards, last night I scrapbooked!! I had a picture printed out for over a week, and had been brainstorming on how I wanted to present it. I was going for a mod, sixties, Jackie-O vibe, but what I ended up with is an aged, retro feel, with a few pops of color.

I used some new techniques, such as inking my background paper to age it (normally I only ink the edges of my paper), and using ribbon to frame the photo. I also used a couple of new-to-me embellishments, such as chipboard paisleys and a metal-look title. I'm hoping to get Peter to take it outside and take a photo of it (he's taller than me and can get a better photo) later today, when the sun comes up. I'll post it here when I get it uploaded.

But I said all this to get to this point... it felt SO good to scrap for me. To put a photo on paper and make it look just the way I'd hoped it would. Hopefully this means that my joy of scrapbooking is on its way back to me. :)


Have you ever felt like what you do in your daily life doesn't make a difference in the whole scheme of things? Well, I found out that I AM a bigger influence than I thought!

Everyone tells me how advanced Hannah & Monkey are, as far as knowing their alphabet & numbers, shapes, colors, manners, etc. The parents give me a good bit of credit for that, and I knew I was doing a little, but they back me up, which is good. I love teaching the girls, and they love learning. Natural match made in educator heaven right?

Last night, we had a 3yo little girl come to our home for the first time. This child asked me "What number is this?", and when I looked to see what she was talking about, she was pointing to a color key on the Leap-pad table. This poor child doesn't know her numbers, her shapes, can't put her shoes on the correct foot, has very little manners, and doesn't even know to wash her hands after a potty break. It really struck me how many differences are present between her early education and the other two girls'.

So I feel validated, and feel like I just may be a contributing member of society. So I don't work outside my home, runnning in the rat race, and spend all my time at home, but in my home, I'm making a difference in the next generation. I see some major educational opportunities coming right up... :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cuteness alert!

Ok, so I'm "supposed" to be scrapbooking this afternoon, since I've got a few free hours to just have some me time.

What am I doing instead?? Playing a new game - Iggle Pop. Let's just say that this is soooo addictive. :D Not a good thing when you're supposed to be doing something else! I've also been doing some web surfing, checking out a few things that Mom asked me to check on for her.

I also found myself surfing on over to CuteOverload, which is where I found the yummalicious fun pics below that just made me smile, and made me want to share with you. I hope you enjoy these pics, and if you decide to visit the site, just be warned that there is some language that you might find offensive. Best bet? Skip trying to read the comments and focus on the pictures.

Have a fun day!!

'Nuff said!

Find the pup?

This is a dik-dik. Those eyes...

Classic puppy dog eyes.

Eeeek... those eyes!!


Australian lambie in a blankie

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm a TOTAL klutz!!

NOTE: I tried to post this yesterday and Blogger was being, well, just being Blogger. :(

Stopped by the LSS (local scrapbook store, for you non-scrapbooking readers) this afternoon to pick up a couple of QK dies that I "had" to have tonight. So I went and got what I needed, then was going to go over and look at the Doodlebug flowers, and when I was almost to the flower display, something happened.

One minute I was upright, the next minute, I was falling. Not falling gracefully, mind you, but I took out an ENTIRE display of paper that was beautifully stocked in 12x12" plastic trays on an end cap. Not only that, when I fell, somehow I managed to hit the display that was at my back, at a 90 degree angle to the paper display, moving it backwards about 18"!! It was on casters, which made me feel a tiny bit better, but all I could think about was all that yummy paper, and the fact that I'd just made a total fool of myself in front of all the workers.

As I went down, I could hear the trays snapping and popping and the *ping*ing of the little plastic peg thingies that held the trays in place as they snapped and flew all over the place. (I don't think any of the paper was harmed - I tried to get all of it up before I worried about me.) I finally managed to get to my feet (I hurt my ankle and foot when I fell), and helped pick up all the pieces, and just kept saying "oh, I am SO sorry!!!". After the mess was cleaned up, I went up and paid for my two dies that I had managed to keep in my hand the whole time and told her I was just going to pay for my stuff and get out before I broke anything else.

As I left, I began hyperventilating, almost sobbing, and I know I was red as a beet. Got in the van and had to explain to DH what had transpired, and what took me so long. Now, I can laugh about it a little, but oh, my - I'm gonna be SO sore tomorrow, the soreness is already setting in. I've got some cuts and bruises, but they're nothing compared to the bruises to my dignity.

I just don't know how on earth I will ever be able to go in there again. But I know I have to - I've got stuff on layaway that I will have to get out. LOL Oh, and I'm signed up for a crop next month. Think the owner will let me through the doors?? Rebecca, over at CMK, might be getting ALL my business before long. As she said tonight - the only injury I can sustain by shopping online is carpal tunnel.

Oh, and Lord love her - my dear, sweet, adorable Mommy... when I told her what happened, she LAUGHED!!!!!! Yes, laughed at me! Can you EVEN imagine?? At least she got her giggle for the evening. And dear, sweet, adorable Lori... she laughed at me too!!! It's SO nice to see that I can be an inadvertant source of amusement to those who are supposed to be concerned for me. LOL (BTW, before you get your toga in a knot because it sounds like I don't think you love me - I'm sitting here giggling like crazy while trying to type this stupid post.) :D

Sooooo, how's YOUR week going?? Goodness knows it's GOT to be better than mine!

Friday, September 22, 2006

101 Things about me...

1. I have been married for 11 years
2. This is my second marriage
3. I believe my husband is my soul mate
4. I know he’s my best friend
5. I had three children in less than three years
6. I had my first child at 18
7. I have buried one child
8. I take comfort in the fact he’s in Heaven with my dad
9. I miss my other two children
10. This is the age I was when my Dad died.
11. I still miss him
12. I often wonder if he’d be proud of who I am now
13. It bothers me to think about my past
14. I had issues with authority growing up
15. I do not have those issues now
16. I worked in the medical field for most my life
17. My first job was staying overnights with an elderly lady
18. I was 12 years old
19. It was scary, and the house smelled funny
20. At 16, I had a full time job and still was in high school
21. I quit school after going halfway through 11th grade
22. For the second time
23. I couldn’t enroll in Huntsville schools
24. Because my Mom lived in a different county
25. So I got my GED later
26. My GED essay was about Lori and how proud I was of her
27. She was my role model
28. Because of her example I went back to school
29. I graduated in 1998
30. And became a Registered Medical Assistant
31. I still pay yearly to stay registered
32. Even though I am no longer in the workforce
33. I can administer shots
34. And draw blood
35. But I hate the feel of the needle going through skin
36. My doctor just put me on a new medication
37. It is only available in an injectable form
38. Which means I have to give myself a shot
39. Twice a day!!
40. It’s not so bad
41. I am 37 years old
42. I never thought I’d live this long
43. It’s only through COG Saints’ prayers that I have
44. And especially a praying Mom
45. Whom I love dearly
46. She’s one of my best friends
47. I can’t imagine not having her here
48. It makes me want to cry when I think about it
49. I have no living grandparents
50. I was unable to go to my Dawdy’s funeral
51. I cried all day that day
52. I hate to cry
53. My nose turns red and my eyes swell
54. It makes me physically ill
55. I have allergies
56. I found out last weekend that I had them as a child too
57. I never realized that
58. I felt like a dork when Mom told me
59. When I sneeze, they usually come one after another
60. It makes my throat hurt
61. But I sneeze every morning
62. Just like clockwork
63. I don’t like taking medicines
64. I usually try to sleep when I feel bad
65. It’s difficult to sleep with three children here
66. I love to scrapbook
67. I almost never find time for it though
68. I love to cross-stitch
69. The only time I do is in the winter
70. I hate winter
71. It makes me sad and blue
72. My moods are affected by the weather
73. And the amount of sunlight available
74. I hate that. It’s absolutely no fun.
75. I collect shoes – decorative ones
76. I have shoes all over my house
77. The first big cross-stitch I did was of shoes
78. My normal shoes are flip-flops, Crocs or tennies
79. I hate to shop
80. Unless it’s online
81. I’m very much a bargain shopper
82. I once paid $97.00 for $200.00 worth of groceries
83. I rarely go to the grocery store, though
84. I’m thankful for a husband who does like to shop!
85. I love color
86. Every room in my house is a different (bright) color
87. I hate white walls
88. Our home is a constant work in progress
89. I look forward to having it completed
90. This is the only home we’ve ever owned
91. It was the only one we looked at.
92. We were the only ones to look at it.
93. I love my home very much
94. My normal bedtime is around 1:00 am
95. I get up at 7:30 each morning
96. I don’t usually take a nap
97. I love Starbucks coffee
98. It makes me sleepy, though
99. I can’t sleep in the dark
100. I read until I fall asleep, and sleep with my glasses on.

101. This was fun.

Your turn... :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Newfound love

I've been reading a series of books by an author I've really come to like, and although I know a lot of people who read my blog wouldn't agree with the genre of these books, I primarily read this author's work because she has a wonderful way of working intricate historical facts into a great storyline.

I've always liked reading historical romances - NOT "bodice rippers", those are trash to me. However, I like a well written, historically accurate book with a tiny bit of romance included from time to time. The series I've been reading is set back in the 14th century, in the Scottish Isles. The picture at the top of this post is of Rosslyn Castle, ca. 1789. The family in this book is the Sinclair clan. Click here to read more about this castle and the family's history.

It's very interesting to read about the social strictures set on even immediate family members and the way they address and interact each other. I've learned more about the Order of the Knights Templar, and it's nothing like my preconceived notions were. To see just how women were considered as unworthy to even voice their feelings and how they were overly sheltered, even when in harm's way, makes me thankful to live in an era when women are valued and are accepted as contributing members of society.

I'm definately going to check out a few history books to read more about this era - it's just so interesting! And someday, if my ship ever comes in, I'd love to go to Scotland - but I'm thankful that books give me the chance to take trips to faraway lands, just by opening them and allowing myself to "fall into the pages" without even having to leave my home.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For you homeschooling Moms

I'm working with Hannah on reading and writing readiness, and I got the grip things that go on pencils to help her hold her pencil correctly, but I have a question that perhaps you experts could help me with.

What techniques and exercises did/do you do with your little ones to help them gain control of their hands to prepare them to write?

Hannah wants to write, but has trouble staying on a dotted line. I'd love to have some new ideas to help encourage her and help her learn. If you have a good tip, please leave me a comment. Thanks!!

From baby to big girl

Well, Monkey's Mom and I agreed that this week would be "THE" week... we're officially doing the potty training thing. It's so neat to be able to teach this itty bitty little girl how to be a big girl! She's really into it, and that's awesome. We're doing the "every 45 minutes" routine, and so far it's working. I really need to get some chocolate chips out and put them into an empty baby food jar for "potty candy". She's excited, and so am I!! Only having to change diapers for one baby - that's something to look forward to! :D

On other news, Mazie is growing by leaps and bounds... I had a towel hanging over the end of the pack&play the other day. I turned around a couple of minutes later, and it was lying on the bottom of the pack&play. Only thing I can figure is that she had raised herself up enough to pull it down!! She wants so badly to be a "big girl" like her sister and Hannah. She loves to sit in the floor to play with them, but I'm a bit scared to let her do it too much, as the big girls can play a bit rough sometimes. I got some awesome pics of her playing with a ball the other day. Will have to share as soon as I get them developed. :)

Hannah's excited to have her parents back home - they went on a week-long second honeymoon trip last week, so we got to spend LOTS of time together. So she didn't come yesterday. She must have had fun with her parents and her Nana, because she's not said a whole lot this morning yet. I think maybe we all need a nap...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My new toy...

I ordered a new toy yesterday!! I've been wanting one of these for years and years, just never could justify the cost. So I was reading another blog and saw this awesome deal at and it was just way too good to be true. Of course, when I clicked, I thought it was an affiliate link (she later realized she'd posted the wrong link - so no kickbacks. Sorry, Kim!!), and discussed it with my wonderful honey and he said to go for it.

Here's the deal - Kitchenaid Mixer. When I checked a few minutes ago, they only had two left, and as much as I wanted the cobalt blue one to go with my newly redecorated kitchen, the only ones they had left were white, so that'll go with my cabinets just fine. I also was able to use the coupon code FALLSAVE to save an additional $25.00, and it qualified for free shipping!! So I ordered the pouring shield to go with, and spent less than $125.00!! Now that's a honey of a deal.

Now I have to work on being patient, because I can't wait until it gets here!! I'm so excited! I can make my own cookie dough for our annual Cookie Day, I can bake cakes & things without having to drag out the beaters & stuff, and I can make bread dough without having to do it by hand!! It's got the bowl lift feature, which I really prefer - Peter and I both seem to have an issue when the mixer itself tilts up. We both tend to let it slip without meaning to.

So that's the excitement here for the weekend. That's the only thing that I've got to say that's not booooring. It's just a lazy day here at the OK Corral. :D

Friday, September 15, 2006

Susie, over at Bluebird Blogs is hosting a contest, giving away two free designs. I entered last night! Been checking out her gallery and she does awesome work! She's also reasonably priced, VERY reasonably priced!! You can enter too by sending her an email at Please check out her blog for all the details. :)


It's been a bit busy around here this week.

Mom and I worked on her scrappy swaps and got them all finished, which is wonderful! I'll be able to deliver them next week, which is a month early for some of it, and two months early for the other part!

Hannah spent Monday night with us and then came yesterday afternoon and will be here until Sunday. Her parents are taking a week's vacation in the Smokies. Sort of a second honeymoon - hope they're having a blast!

Mazie's sitting up now as well as getting up on all fours. She likes being in the floor with the girls, but I really have to watch her - the hardwood floor is just that: HARD! LOL I got some really nice pictures of her playing with a ball the other day. Actually got down in the floor to take them. It was tough getting up, though! LOL

Went shopping for the first time in months yesterday. Got a new paper slab from My Mind's Eye for $9.99. Even Peter liked the papers! They're yummy. Got a few things for the girls, including a couple of projects for us to work on for school. Also hit Dollar Tree and found some great bargains. Didn't realize they sell rubons and brads! I like to go there for groceries, as well. I get the girls juice boxes there - 4 for a $1.00 - can't beat that with a stick!

Created a new (to me) way of cooking eggplant. Mom picked three off her bush yesterday afternoon and we brought them to the house and she peeled & sliced them length-wise, then I salted them and put them into a colander over a bowl and we went off to the store for an hour or so. Came back and rinsed them off well, then patted them dry. Heated just a bit of oil in a skillet and quickly sauteed the slices (without any breading or anything) until they were tender, then removed from the oil to drain and sprinkled freshly ground pepper, sea salt & some lemon juice over them. Even Peter, who doesn't realy care for eggplant that much, thought they were good. The whole salt process pulls all the bitterness from the eggplant. I usually let them sit for around half an hour, but I think an hour or more works even better. :)

Got our order from Rainbow Resource Center on Wednesday, and the girls are loving having new school stuff to "play" with! Thanks for the tip, Kim! I know all the work is paying off because at Hobby Lobby yesterday, Monkey saw a sheet of alphabet stickers and started singing "A,B,C,D..." - the Alphabet Song!! So she recognized that they are letters, which is awesome! Also went to Off Campus Bookstore to get some grip thingies to put on a pencil to help the girls learn the proper grip so they can learn to control their hand when they write. They're so neat! Thanks for the tip, Linny! Also got a 10% discount for being a homeschooler, so that was nice!

So today plans to be another busy one for us. I need to get the girls and I ready to go with Peter to do some errands this morning. I'd like to take the girls to the park, but am not sure if that's going to happen. Will see. Starbucks, here I come - I SO need some fortification & caffienation!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!

Today is a VERY special day - it's Mom's birthday!!! She's a very young 52 (and holding), and still acts like a spring chicken!!

She spent the afternoon with me so we can work on scrappy stuffs, and we took time out to go to dinner at Beauregard's, 'cause you KNOW we have to eat sometime!! Anyway, we were treated to a magic show, with Mom being the magician's assistant. The guy had us all laughing SO hard.

Then after our meal, I asked him if she was going to get a birthday hat because Tuesday night is Kid's Night, and he'd been making balloon animals for all the children as they left. So he put down the plates (he had been bussing our table while we chatted) and ran to get him balloons. He had to measure to make sure the hat would fit her head without squooshing her hair, then he proceeded to go all out for her. This is the finished product in all its' glory!!

If you like, please leave a comment, as Mom reads my blog!! :D

Monday, September 11, 2006

So happy tonight!!

I have been reminded (yet again) tonight that my husband is the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me. He cares for me, takes care of me, encourages me and shares with me. He goes out of his way to make sure that I'm happy, and I can only hope that he feels that I do for him as well. He's my very best friend, my closest confidant, my world, and I can't imagine what my life would be like without him in it.

Mom came up this afternoon to work on some scrappy things with me, and he moved things around in the kitchen and got the one wall completely primed. He'll have to paint two coats tomorrow, then we can move the freezer. He then went out to wash the cards and let Mom and I just plug along. Then he came back in and baked a yummy chocolate caramel cake while I prepared supper. Then he unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it, clearing off the table and washing all the dishes!! Then he folded a load of towels, and went to bed. He'll have to get up around 11:30 to go to work. What a wonderful man!!!

We've both been very sick all weekend, sleeping a lot with the aid of cold/flu/allergy/sinus medicines. :( Then we had to go do a few errands and pick up a few things, which involved a lot of walking. Apparently my body's all out of whack, because any amount of standing or walking puts my left hip and lower back into severe pain. So he's been helping me some since it's so painful for me to do some of the things that need to be done.

So tonight, I just wanted to let the whole world know that I have the most wonderful man, who's just perfect for me, and is the love of my life. :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I put a ham in the crockpot last night, and it's been cooking for over ten hours... it smells SO yummy!! I've been sitting here breathing in so deeply that I'm starting to have a head rush... can't get enough!!

My whole house is delicately scented by the odor of cola ham. Yep, that's right... cola ham. Diet Coke, to be more exact!! I've got a bag of baby carrots cooking in the small crockpot, and plan to pull out a can of potatoes to nuke and make mashed taters, make some spinach and some fresh biscuits to go with. Am thinking I may need to can some more potatoes this fall, but will have to go do a jar count.

Anyway, our plans for our ham is to have dinner today, then slice the rest, saving some for tomorrow night's dinner, when Mom will be joining us, and some for sammiches and put the remainder into the freezer in recipe portions. That way when I want to make a quick dinner or a casserole, all I gotta do is yank out a pack, defrost it and cook! Yay! Anyway, the scent of the ham is making me a bit delirious here... been craving a home cooked ham for MONTHS!!!

Help for all those hairless babies...

Does your baby lack a thick mop of luxurious hair? Is she feeling a bit sad because her peers have more on top than she does? Well, now there's help for these poor, sad, bald babies... Introducing...
Baby Toupee! Now your child can have hair that will be envied by all! You can go with the mini-mogul (The Donald), the questionable (The Lil' Kim), and more! Buy one today and help prevent feelings of hair related anxiety in your child!

*NOTE* This post is meant to be sarcastic!! I just can't believe that someone would be silly enough to come up with something like this, and that there actually "might" be people out there vain enough to fall for it!

Friday, September 08, 2006


It seems that our little ones don't stay little long enough. We've hit a couple of milestones at our house this week.

Yesterday, Hannah and I were doing school - we were working on the alphabet, and I started holding up flash cards, and she KNEW THE LETTERS!! That was the first time we'd worked with cards, however, she's been watching some Leap Frog dvd's, and they're really helping!! She is still having a bit of trouble with a couple of letters, and with her lisp, sometimes I'm not really sure what she's saying, but overall, I'm thrilled! Just waiting (impatiently) for our goodies from Rainbow Resource Center so that we can really get down to business. :)

This morning, after the babies got here, as Mom and I were talking, I looked over and Mazie was almost sitting up by herself!!! Then, after a few minutes, she managed to get her leg out in front of her instead of under her bottom, and then she did it! She sat up all by herself and balanced, too!! How cool is that? She's been getting up on all fours for a few weeks now, and yesterday, she even had her belly up off the floor, so she'll be crawling pretty soon. Oh, joy! LOL

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where have you been?

Saw this on another blog and decided to see for myself where all I've been in the U.S.

create your own visited states map

I've been to:
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

That's 26 states!! Thanks to my parents taking us traveling when we were children, I guess I'm pretty well traveled!! Someday, I'd like to go to the New England states, and do some of the northern midwest states.

If you do your own map, please leave me a comment so I can see where all you've been!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mmmm, lavender...

Lately, insomnia has been the name of the game at night for me. It's not fun, but is just plain frustrating. So as I was looking through the demo book for the new products that Avon is introducing, I noticed a lavender room & linen spray. Now, I've never really liked the scent of lavendar, but I thought, "Hm, lavender is supposed to be relaxing, so maybe it would help me sleep". With that thought in mind, I ordered a bottle.

The last couple of nights, I've been spraying some on my sheets & pillowcases, hoping it would help me sleep. Night before last, I just sprayed a little, and I still lay awake. Last night, however, I liberally sprayed the sheets & pillowcases then went to do some other things while it dried. Then I opened the window (the low was supposed to be in the mid-fifties), and crawled into my lovely scented cocoon.

I read for a bit, then finished my book. Being loath to get up to find a new book to read, I just lay there and thought happy thoughts. Took me about 20 minutes or so, but I went to sleep and had an AWESOME night!! I'm alert and in a good mood this morning, even though I didn't go to sleep until somewhere between 2am and 3am.

I'm going to resist taking a nap with my babies today and plan to go to bed around 10pm instead of 1am! Naturally, I plan to continue using the lavender, since it helped me so much last night. Hopefully it will continue to work.

It's not officially out yet, but if you'd like to order some of this faboo room spray, the link to my online Avon website is in the links bar to the right. It's called "Fresh Prints Lavender Room & Linen Spray". I think it'll be out either on the 13th or 27th of September.


I was tagged in a really cool way by Kim. She posted:

If your name starts with any of the letters in CHOCOLATE, I'm tagging you. Would you expect any different from me?

So here are my answers -

1. Are you craving anything and if so, what?
Watermelon!! Yummy, juicy, sweet, straight out of the field watermelon. I woke Peter up around 4am the other night to tell him I'm craving watermelon. When I reminded him to p/u some the next day, he started laughing and said he thought I was talking in my sleep. He got some but it wasn't nearly as good as we'd hoped - it was sorta grainy and not very sweet, probably because it's late in the season. :(

2. What is the weather outside, and do you wish it would change?
It's cool and LOVELY outside!! Good weather for sleeping with the windows open at night. We definately need rain, though. We've had some lately, but really need more.

3. What two websites do you think you will go to next after you are finished here?
A Cherry On Top to see what's new and MSN to check the news.

4. Do you wish you were somewhere else and if so, where?
Yep, in bed!! I totally need sleep!

5. Do you wish you were someone else, and if so, who?
No. At times in the past I wished I could have all that I have today, but never dreamed that I'd ever be where I am. I'm satisfied with who I am. I've gone through too much not to be happy.

6. Tag?
Anyone whose name begins with any of the letters in "SCRAPBOOKING". Please post in the comments if you've accepted the tag. Thanks!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

For you cubicle dwellers...

Click here for a fun way to relieve some of that workday stress. Have fun!!

Oh, this is also fun for everyone else. :D

Monday, September 04, 2006

New cards

This is a Christmas card I created today. I did 18 of these. They're also stamped on the inside with a holiday greeting. All handstamped by me! All stamps from Stampin' Up!

Just finished this one. I'm doing ten of these, but can't attach the fronts to the card itself until Peter gets home and rounds the corners on the fold. I'm not strong enough to make it go through two layers of cardstock. :( Maybe it's time for a new corner rounder. Good thing I'm ordering some CM stuff soon! :)

Please leave me a comment to let me know you were here. I'm getting hits, just not a lot of comments. :)

Pet peeves and my holiday

Ok, so I'm listening to the Jerry Lewis MDA fundraiser marathon, and every time it bumps over to the local station, they keep giving the phone number, saying "oh", as in O, the letter, not 0, the number. When did "Oh" become a number??? ZERO is a number, O is a letter, and it doesn't take any more time to say zero than it does to say "oh". What really gripes me is that some of the folks I hear saying "oh" are highly educated!! So that's part of my vent.

The other part is hearing all these media personalities who, when speaking of the President of the United States, say "Mr. Bush". People, please!! The man was elected to the office, give him the respect of calling him "Mr. President" or "President Bush". You can bet your boopkus that if he was a democrat, they'd be showing him some respect! He's not just a plain "Mr." - he's our president! When hearing those same personalities speaking of Clinton & Carter, they invariably say "Former President Clinton" or "Former President Clinton". What special something did they do to get that added respect? They're democrats, people!! Whatever happened to unbiased news, anyway? It's almost enough to make me just get all my news online. Thank goodness for!!

Now then, I'm finished ranting.

I'm working on my Christmas cards today!! Actually, I'm working on cards for some swaps I'm in. I never do Christmas trees, but the cards I'm doing today are featuring trees... I just thought the rubber stamp was way too cute not to use. It's not like I'm going to send them to my family, just doing them for a swap.

My friend Mona gave me a great idea the other day, though. She makes extra cards each time she does more than one card and puts the extras to the side for Christmas gifts! So by doing that all year, by the time Christmas rolls around, the recipient gets a nice variety of all sorts of cards to use throughout the year! How cool is that?? So I'm making extra cards. I won't have a huge stash for this year, but if I continue to do it throughout next year, I'm hoping to have some REALLY nice handmade card collections to give to my loved ones. :)

My sweet honey has been working mega hours this weekend. He worked from 12am to 8pm on Saturday, then worked 11pm Saturday to 8pm Sunday. Today he's pulling another 12 hour shift, and then goes back in at midnight tonight and works until 4 or so tomorrow. I miss him when he's working so much, but hopefully we'll have time to go out for lunch one day this week. :) He's actually grilling out today. On most of the summer holidays, a bunch of the people in various VOA houses get together to have a meal, and he's always the designated grill chef! He can cook some awesome food! So he's going to bring me a plate later on.

I haven't been outside our house in over a week, other than to go to the mailbox. I'm having some issues that sorta keep me tied to the house, not to mention that my allergies have kicked up into high gear. Ugh. Slept with the windows open last night, and boy, did I pay for THAT!! But it's all good. Love that the weather is a bit cooler than it has been. Looking forward to fall when the air gets nippy at night. I've been known to sleep with the window open when it's almost freezing outside. I just pile more blankets on the bed and turn the heaters off!

Now back to creating cards.... I'll try to scan in the completed examples when I get a chance. :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Yesterday, Peter brought home a box of Cheese Nips. He stopped in at the house for just a bit, so before he left again, he brought the box in from the car and Hannah went to the living room to get it.

She came back through the house yelling "Cheese Lips, Nene - Pete brought us Cheese Lips!!" Then she looked at me and said "Nene, you share your Cheese Lips with me?"

Then she turned to Monkey and said "Look, Amber! Peter brought us some Chicken Lips!!"

I got so tickled I almost had an accident! I love these girls! They're always good for a laugh. :D

And even though we worked on saying "Cheese Nips", to her they're still "Chicken Lips".


Friday, September 01, 2006

Tag time!

I got this from Bobbie's blog.

If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? In the mountains

What's your favorite article of clothing? T-shirts

Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? Their eyes

What's the last CD that you bought? Ummm, probably something for the girls

Where's your favorite place to be? At home

Where's your least favorite place to be? Shopping

What's your favorite place to be massaged? Feet

Strong in mind or strong in body? Strong in mind (ditto)

What time do you wake in the morning? 7:20 a.m.

What's your favorite kitchen appliance? Crock Pot

What makes you really angry? People who make me feel insignificant

If you could play any instrument, what would it be? Piano/keyboard

Favorite color? Green

Which do you prefer, sports car or SUV? SUV

Do you believe in afterlife? Definately

Favorite children's book? So Big - it was a Little Golden Book that I had as a child, and I still have it, even though it's pretty ragged. It'll probably make its way into one of my scrapbooks, in a memorabilia pocket. :)

What is your favorite season? Spring - love seeing the world come to life again after a long winter's nap.

What's your least favorite household chore? Laundry

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Being able to snap my fingers and have a clean house.

If you have a tattoo, what is it? No tats here.

Can you juggle? No, unless bills count. :D

The one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to? My Dad.

What's your favorite day? Monday - love seeing the girls again after two days away from them.

What's in the trunk of your car? I have NO clue!! In the back of the van is Peter's toolbox and more than likely some Avon boxes he needs to clean out of there.

Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger? Sushi!!

NOW, if you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED.Copy & paste the questions into your blog :)


Mom and I got together to "play" this afternoon. This is what we came up with. Enjoy!