Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mommy!!

Today is a VERY special day - it's Mom's birthday!!! She's a very young 52 (and holding), and still acts like a spring chicken!!

She spent the afternoon with me so we can work on scrappy stuffs, and we took time out to go to dinner at Beauregard's, 'cause you KNOW we have to eat sometime!! Anyway, we were treated to a magic show, with Mom being the magician's assistant. The guy had us all laughing SO hard.

Then after our meal, I asked him if she was going to get a birthday hat because Tuesday night is Kid's Night, and he'd been making balloon animals for all the children as they left. So he put down the plates (he had been bussing our table while we chatted) and ran to get him balloons. He had to measure to make sure the hat would fit her head without squooshing her hair, then he proceeded to go all out for her. This is the finished product in all its' glory!!

If you like, please leave a comment, as Mom reads my blog!! :D


  1. That sure was a silly guy huh grandma? LOL hahahaha just plain silly...Love you!!

  2. Love the hat! Fits her well. He was hillarious & we had much fun - thanks for inviting us out to help celebrate.