Friday, September 08, 2006


It seems that our little ones don't stay little long enough. We've hit a couple of milestones at our house this week.

Yesterday, Hannah and I were doing school - we were working on the alphabet, and I started holding up flash cards, and she KNEW THE LETTERS!! That was the first time we'd worked with cards, however, she's been watching some Leap Frog dvd's, and they're really helping!! She is still having a bit of trouble with a couple of letters, and with her lisp, sometimes I'm not really sure what she's saying, but overall, I'm thrilled! Just waiting (impatiently) for our goodies from Rainbow Resource Center so that we can really get down to business. :)

This morning, after the babies got here, as Mom and I were talking, I looked over and Mazie was almost sitting up by herself!!! Then, after a few minutes, she managed to get her leg out in front of her instead of under her bottom, and then she did it! She sat up all by herself and balanced, too!! How cool is that? She's been getting up on all fours for a few weeks now, and yesterday, she even had her belly up off the floor, so she'll be crawling pretty soon. Oh, joy! LOL

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  1. i love it when you realize your kiddos are smarter than you thought:)