Friday, September 22, 2006

101 Things about me...

1. I have been married for 11 years
2. This is my second marriage
3. I believe my husband is my soul mate
4. I know he’s my best friend
5. I had three children in less than three years
6. I had my first child at 18
7. I have buried one child
8. I take comfort in the fact he’s in Heaven with my dad
9. I miss my other two children
10. This is the age I was when my Dad died.
11. I still miss him
12. I often wonder if he’d be proud of who I am now
13. It bothers me to think about my past
14. I had issues with authority growing up
15. I do not have those issues now
16. I worked in the medical field for most my life
17. My first job was staying overnights with an elderly lady
18. I was 12 years old
19. It was scary, and the house smelled funny
20. At 16, I had a full time job and still was in high school
21. I quit school after going halfway through 11th grade
22. For the second time
23. I couldn’t enroll in Huntsville schools
24. Because my Mom lived in a different county
25. So I got my GED later
26. My GED essay was about Lori and how proud I was of her
27. She was my role model
28. Because of her example I went back to school
29. I graduated in 1998
30. And became a Registered Medical Assistant
31. I still pay yearly to stay registered
32. Even though I am no longer in the workforce
33. I can administer shots
34. And draw blood
35. But I hate the feel of the needle going through skin
36. My doctor just put me on a new medication
37. It is only available in an injectable form
38. Which means I have to give myself a shot
39. Twice a day!!
40. It’s not so bad
41. I am 37 years old
42. I never thought I’d live this long
43. It’s only through COG Saints’ prayers that I have
44. And especially a praying Mom
45. Whom I love dearly
46. She’s one of my best friends
47. I can’t imagine not having her here
48. It makes me want to cry when I think about it
49. I have no living grandparents
50. I was unable to go to my Dawdy’s funeral
51. I cried all day that day
52. I hate to cry
53. My nose turns red and my eyes swell
54. It makes me physically ill
55. I have allergies
56. I found out last weekend that I had them as a child too
57. I never realized that
58. I felt like a dork when Mom told me
59. When I sneeze, they usually come one after another
60. It makes my throat hurt
61. But I sneeze every morning
62. Just like clockwork
63. I don’t like taking medicines
64. I usually try to sleep when I feel bad
65. It’s difficult to sleep with three children here
66. I love to scrapbook
67. I almost never find time for it though
68. I love to cross-stitch
69. The only time I do is in the winter
70. I hate winter
71. It makes me sad and blue
72. My moods are affected by the weather
73. And the amount of sunlight available
74. I hate that. It’s absolutely no fun.
75. I collect shoes – decorative ones
76. I have shoes all over my house
77. The first big cross-stitch I did was of shoes
78. My normal shoes are flip-flops, Crocs or tennies
79. I hate to shop
80. Unless it’s online
81. I’m very much a bargain shopper
82. I once paid $97.00 for $200.00 worth of groceries
83. I rarely go to the grocery store, though
84. I’m thankful for a husband who does like to shop!
85. I love color
86. Every room in my house is a different (bright) color
87. I hate white walls
88. Our home is a constant work in progress
89. I look forward to having it completed
90. This is the only home we’ve ever owned
91. It was the only one we looked at.
92. We were the only ones to look at it.
93. I love my home very much
94. My normal bedtime is around 1:00 am
95. I get up at 7:30 each morning
96. I don’t usually take a nap
97. I love Starbucks coffee
98. It makes me sleepy, though
99. I can’t sleep in the dark
100. I read until I fall asleep, and sleep with my glasses on.

101. This was fun.

Your turn... :)


  1. HM...........interesting..........

  2. I hear ya on 10 and 11, mee tooo.