Friday, November 30, 2007

One Smart Cookie

I just love watching Kellie Pickler, there's no telling what's going to come out when she opens her mouth. BTW, I got the answer right within 2 seconds of seeing the question on the blackboard. LOL

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Super Easy Entertainment

The girls have such curious minds, sometimes it's difficult for me to think of things to entertain them. Today was a great exception.

We were chilling out and I heard this awful racket out front. I realized that the utility company was probably chopping up trees, so we all went to the front door. There it was - the coolest entertainment we've seen all week. A huge truck with a wood chipper on the back, a bunch of guys in hard hats and a HUGE pile of tree limbs. Presto! Easy entertainment.

The guys probably thought we were silly, but the girls thoroughly enjoyed watching the guys shove the limbs into the chipper and the way it sorta "sucked" the trees in and chopped them up. We could see the pile of wood chips in the truck when it pulled up the street a little, and that was even cooler. So for a wonderful price (free), we got to spend a very cool 20 minutes or so watching the free show that took place right in front of our house.

Cool beans!!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Abundantly Blessed

I've been intending to go through my closet and clean it out for a while now. Everything needed to be sorted into seasons, not to mention there were loads of things in there that I just don't wear anymore. So I bit the bullet today. With no children and my sweetheart working all day, this was the perfect time.

Everything is now sorted and the seasonal clothes are in bins. The only items left in the closet are the ones I love and can wear right now. There's also a basket of purged items to pass on to someone who needs them. It's like a huge weight has been lifted. Why do I procrastinate about things so much? It took roughly 45 minutes or so and I'm all finished! I'm so thankful for the clothes I have. There was a time when I had roughly 2-3 outfits and that was it. Now there are not only clothes in my closet that I can wear now, but also at least 2 bins full for later!! I am abundantly blessed.

A dear, sweet friend called me this morning. She invited Peter and myself to go to the beach with her for the weekend. We had to decline, although we really wanted to go. I'm so thankful for wonderful friends who love me and allow me to share in both their good times and bad. I am abundantly blessed.

I talked to T this afternoon and she's going to come up to spend the day with the girls and myself tomorrow. She's helping me get our house straightened out and cleaned so we can entertain again. I'm so thankful for the loving family who is always there for me when I need them. I am abundantly blessed.

My sweetheart is going to put in for his vacation time, hoping to take it at the same time the babies' Mom is going to take hers. A whole week with just the two of us - how awesome would that be?? Even if we just have Hannah here, it will be so wonderful. We haven't had more than a couple of days alone in a few years, and we need it. I'm thankful that he is a hard worker and good provider, allowing me to be a SAHW. I am abundantly blessed.

The doctor called me yesterday afternoon with my latest lab results, and all the levels are WAY better than they were just 2 short months ago. The medication is working, and all the doctor's appointments we've had lately are worth it. I'm so thankful to have a great MD who takes the time to talk to me and answers all my questions. I am abundantly blessed.

I'm just in an extra thankful mood this afternoon. I have a beautiful, warm, well-built home; I have lots of clothes to wear; I have plenty of food to eat and don't have to worry about not having food to feed the girls; I have a husband who loves me and provides for me without having to nag him all the time; I have a family who allows me to be a part of their lives; I have friends who love me and worry about me; I am clean and sober (15+ years now!!). These things may not seem like much, but to me, they're simply awesome. 15 years ago, I didn't have ANY of these things. So I am ABUNDANTLY BLESSED.

Have a fabulous week. :)


Sunday, November 11, 2007


Wow, it's been pretty busy around here since my last updation. There was Halloween, sick babies, we had Emma here a couple of days, Peter's been working crazy hours and my allergies have kicked into high gear. Not to mention the doctor's appointments and get-togethers with our family. It's all good though.

Hannah was Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid". Love the hair - I'm actually almost jealous. Sometimes I miss being a redhead. LOL Val and Amber were hunters, complete with guns and hats. Not sure where their orange vests are, though! Val dipped into her basket and gave me a Reese's cup. How sweet is that? Hannah brought me some candy the next day since I didn't "get" to go trick-or-treating. My girls are SO sweet!

The past couple of weeks, the girls have been fighting colds. The doctor gave them an oral antibiotic that caused Val some bad gastrointestinal issues. I had to give her two showers on Friday, so her Mom took her back to the doctor and got a shot for her. Hopefully that's going to take care of all the snotties, pukies and all the other yucks that go along with it. I really am hopin that once we get them well, we can keep them that way for quite a while. It seems like such a vicious cycle - about every month or two we all pass this crud around. We're all ready for a long bout of wellness.

Other than that, we're just enjoying life. I'm itching to get back to my scrapping desk and be creative. I just got a rather large package of photos in the mail on Friday, and I can hear the siren song now....

Here's a couple of pics of my sweet babies. Enjoy! :)