Thursday, November 15, 2007

Super Easy Entertainment

The girls have such curious minds, sometimes it's difficult for me to think of things to entertain them. Today was a great exception.

We were chilling out and I heard this awful racket out front. I realized that the utility company was probably chopping up trees, so we all went to the front door. There it was - the coolest entertainment we've seen all week. A huge truck with a wood chipper on the back, a bunch of guys in hard hats and a HUGE pile of tree limbs. Presto! Easy entertainment.

The guys probably thought we were silly, but the girls thoroughly enjoyed watching the guys shove the limbs into the chipper and the way it sorta "sucked" the trees in and chopped them up. We could see the pile of wood chips in the truck when it pulled up the street a little, and that was even cooler. So for a wonderful price (free), we got to spend a very cool 20 minutes or so watching the free show that took place right in front of our house.

Cool beans!!


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