Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm a TOTAL klutz!!

NOTE: I tried to post this yesterday and Blogger was being, well, just being Blogger. :(

Stopped by the LSS (local scrapbook store, for you non-scrapbooking readers) this afternoon to pick up a couple of QK dies that I "had" to have tonight. So I went and got what I needed, then was going to go over and look at the Doodlebug flowers, and when I was almost to the flower display, something happened.

One minute I was upright, the next minute, I was falling. Not falling gracefully, mind you, but I took out an ENTIRE display of paper that was beautifully stocked in 12x12" plastic trays on an end cap. Not only that, when I fell, somehow I managed to hit the display that was at my back, at a 90 degree angle to the paper display, moving it backwards about 18"!! It was on casters, which made me feel a tiny bit better, but all I could think about was all that yummy paper, and the fact that I'd just made a total fool of myself in front of all the workers.

As I went down, I could hear the trays snapping and popping and the *ping*ing of the little plastic peg thingies that held the trays in place as they snapped and flew all over the place. (I don't think any of the paper was harmed - I tried to get all of it up before I worried about me.) I finally managed to get to my feet (I hurt my ankle and foot when I fell), and helped pick up all the pieces, and just kept saying "oh, I am SO sorry!!!". After the mess was cleaned up, I went up and paid for my two dies that I had managed to keep in my hand the whole time and told her I was just going to pay for my stuff and get out before I broke anything else.

As I left, I began hyperventilating, almost sobbing, and I know I was red as a beet. Got in the van and had to explain to DH what had transpired, and what took me so long. Now, I can laugh about it a little, but oh, my - I'm gonna be SO sore tomorrow, the soreness is already setting in. I've got some cuts and bruises, but they're nothing compared to the bruises to my dignity.

I just don't know how on earth I will ever be able to go in there again. But I know I have to - I've got stuff on layaway that I will have to get out. LOL Oh, and I'm signed up for a crop next month. Think the owner will let me through the doors?? Rebecca, over at CMK, might be getting ALL my business before long. As she said tonight - the only injury I can sustain by shopping online is carpal tunnel.

Oh, and Lord love her - my dear, sweet, adorable Mommy... when I told her what happened, she LAUGHED!!!!!! Yes, laughed at me! Can you EVEN imagine?? At least she got her giggle for the evening. And dear, sweet, adorable Lori... she laughed at me too!!! It's SO nice to see that I can be an inadvertant source of amusement to those who are supposed to be concerned for me. LOL (BTW, before you get your toga in a knot because it sounds like I don't think you love me - I'm sitting here giggling like crazy while trying to type this stupid post.) :D

Sooooo, how's YOUR week going?? Goodness knows it's GOT to be better than mine!

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  1. OK.........I've stopped laughing enough to post a comment. Sounds like something I would do. I'm glad that you are all right.......paper and displays can be replaced but not you. Take care. Hugs, Shirley