Friday, September 29, 2006

Cuteness alert!

Ok, so I'm "supposed" to be scrapbooking this afternoon, since I've got a few free hours to just have some me time.

What am I doing instead?? Playing a new game - Iggle Pop. Let's just say that this is soooo addictive. :D Not a good thing when you're supposed to be doing something else! I've also been doing some web surfing, checking out a few things that Mom asked me to check on for her.

I also found myself surfing on over to CuteOverload, which is where I found the yummalicious fun pics below that just made me smile, and made me want to share with you. I hope you enjoy these pics, and if you decide to visit the site, just be warned that there is some language that you might find offensive. Best bet? Skip trying to read the comments and focus on the pictures.

Have a fun day!!

'Nuff said!

Find the pup?

This is a dik-dik. Those eyes...

Classic puppy dog eyes.

Eeeek... those eyes!!


Australian lambie in a blankie

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