Sunday, September 10, 2006


I put a ham in the crockpot last night, and it's been cooking for over ten hours... it smells SO yummy!! I've been sitting here breathing in so deeply that I'm starting to have a head rush... can't get enough!!

My whole house is delicately scented by the odor of cola ham. Yep, that's right... cola ham. Diet Coke, to be more exact!! I've got a bag of baby carrots cooking in the small crockpot, and plan to pull out a can of potatoes to nuke and make mashed taters, make some spinach and some fresh biscuits to go with. Am thinking I may need to can some more potatoes this fall, but will have to go do a jar count.

Anyway, our plans for our ham is to have dinner today, then slice the rest, saving some for tomorrow night's dinner, when Mom will be joining us, and some for sammiches and put the remainder into the freezer in recipe portions. That way when I want to make a quick dinner or a casserole, all I gotta do is yank out a pack, defrost it and cook! Yay! Anyway, the scent of the ham is making me a bit delirious here... been craving a home cooked ham for MONTHS!!!


  1. OOH, I sooo know what you mean. I have one in the fridge to cook tomorrow night! WOOHOO! And I had to get an 8 lb'er as opposed to the 5 lb I was supposed to get. That means more for MY freezer too! Enjoy!

    Tell Bro Peter I have been praying for him. Hope he feels better soon.

  2. Sounds YUMMY to be certain! So, you saving some for me too??? :)

    Makes me wanna stop on the way home & get me a small one to cook! Thanks!

  3. Girlies, I made a 7 lb ham and got Sunday dinner, dinner tonight, a bag of chopped ham, and 4 bags of sliced ham out of it!! It was SO yummy - just absolutely fell off the bone!!

  4. Oh my goodness, that ham sounds sooo good! Now you've got me craving it! LOL