Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From baby to big girl

Well, Monkey's Mom and I agreed that this week would be "THE" week... we're officially doing the potty training thing. It's so neat to be able to teach this itty bitty little girl how to be a big girl! She's really into it, and that's awesome. We're doing the "every 45 minutes" routine, and so far it's working. I really need to get some chocolate chips out and put them into an empty baby food jar for "potty candy". She's excited, and so am I!! Only having to change diapers for one baby - that's something to look forward to! :D

On other news, Mazie is growing by leaps and bounds... I had a towel hanging over the end of the pack&play the other day. I turned around a couple of minutes later, and it was lying on the bottom of the pack&play. Only thing I can figure is that she had raised herself up enough to pull it down!! She wants so badly to be a "big girl" like her sister and Hannah. She loves to sit in the floor to play with them, but I'm a bit scared to let her do it too much, as the big girls can play a bit rough sometimes. I got some awesome pics of her playing with a ball the other day. Will have to share as soon as I get them developed. :)

Hannah's excited to have her parents back home - they went on a week-long second honeymoon trip last week, so we got to spend LOTS of time together. So she didn't come yesterday. She must have had fun with her parents and her Nana, because she's not said a whole lot this morning yet. I think maybe we all need a nap...

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  1. I like the "potty candy" - that is too original! Chocolate chips, who'da thunk it? heehee
    Glad they had some R&R and back home!