Saturday, September 30, 2006


Have you ever felt like what you do in your daily life doesn't make a difference in the whole scheme of things? Well, I found out that I AM a bigger influence than I thought!

Everyone tells me how advanced Hannah & Monkey are, as far as knowing their alphabet & numbers, shapes, colors, manners, etc. The parents give me a good bit of credit for that, and I knew I was doing a little, but they back me up, which is good. I love teaching the girls, and they love learning. Natural match made in educator heaven right?

Last night, we had a 3yo little girl come to our home for the first time. This child asked me "What number is this?", and when I looked to see what she was talking about, she was pointing to a color key on the Leap-pad table. This poor child doesn't know her numbers, her shapes, can't put her shoes on the correct foot, has very little manners, and doesn't even know to wash her hands after a potty break. It really struck me how many differences are present between her early education and the other two girls'.

So I feel validated, and feel like I just may be a contributing member of society. So I don't work outside my home, runnning in the rat race, and spend all my time at home, but in my home, I'm making a difference in the next generation. I see some major educational opportunities coming right up... :)

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