Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For you homeschooling Moms

I'm working with Hannah on reading and writing readiness, and I got the grip things that go on pencils to help her hold her pencil correctly, but I have a question that perhaps you experts could help me with.

What techniques and exercises did/do you do with your little ones to help them gain control of their hands to prepare them to write?

Hannah wants to write, but has trouble staying on a dotted line. I'd love to have some new ideas to help encourage her and help her learn. If you have a good tip, please leave me a comment. Thanks!!


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  2. Sorry about deleting that comment. I had too many typos in it. LOL

    I would first get on the internet and Google Preschool free worksheets. There are tons of good sites out there that offer just the things you need. You can also go to the Mart of Wal and get one of the Preschool Everything For Early Learning books. It contains excellent fine motor exercises like coloring in shapes, tracing straight lines (which they do before ever attempting to trace over a number or a letter). There are also alot of wipe-off books with similar exercises and those you can use over and over.

    If all else fails, just use a certain colored crayon to draw some straight lines or shapes on a piece of paper and then give her a totally different BOLD color and tell her to cover up your color. LOL

    Good Luck!