Monday, January 22, 2007


Running through my mind are luscious visions of warm creamy ivory, rich chocolatey brown, yummy pink & cool turquoise... mmmmmmmmmmmmm

In our garage is a really great assortment of brackets, standards, L-brackets, and castors. Thank you to Mom for the gift card - I think that may be my favorite gift of the year! Thanks to the website that allowed me to earn a Home Depot gift card just for reading my emails! We only had to spend a little bit of cash to get everything we needed.

Tomorrow we hope to buy lumber and paint, along with magnetic paint and blackboard paint.

Soon I'll have a whole new place to get creative and room to spread all my yummies. And hopefully newfound inspiration to get all my memories and photos into albums again.

Will post before & after pics soon....

Can you tell I'm WAY excited??


  1. yaaaay I cannot wait to see the finished product!!! Love ya!

  2. coolumous!
    Still am looking for something special to spend mine on......weird - when I have no money, I find all kinds of things I want, then when I have a gift card, I can find aggravating........