Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goodbye, Red...

Not quite four years ago, when we bought our house, I wanted a gorgeous red Victorian room. We had the antique furniture to put into it, so our guest room was painted a lovely dark claret red, with a beautiful border.

Now, however, the whole purpose of the room has completely changed. Lori took the furniture back, and the room is now our office/playroom and my scrapbooking area. So the time has come to update and refresh the room to reflect the new purpose. Not to mention building new storage options so we can better use the space.

We began the process of painting this morning, and we've gotten the wall that's going to hold my dedicated scrap area primed, ready to put the wall color on. My scrap area is going to be built-in, with rolling carts underneath the one end for my printers. Here's a pic of the wall before and after priming.

I will post more pics as we progress. Our goal? To have it DONE by the end of Saturday. :) Think we can do it??


  1. cool! Can't wait till we get everything done in our space too - so ready to do some 'play' time with paper-sticky-foldy stuffs again.....

  2. did you put primer over your border too? Will that not show through the new paint?

    Glad we finally finished painting walls for a while. LOL Got my living room and dining room AND kitchen redone. LOVINIT!

    Can't wait to see yours when it's done.