Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007 - Really?

Hope 2007 is awesome for all of you! It seems like time is just flying faster and faster. Guess that means I'm getting old.

I finally got to give Meg her Christmas gift today - have been waiting since Christmas to be able to give it to her. I made a scrapbook for her about Hannah. I had also made one for the babies' Mom and gave it to her last week. They both really seemed to like their scrapbooks, which was nice. :)

Been having some "issues" with some people over the price of a couch, which has sorta bummed me out. So sad when people have to act like children and air their grievances publicly instead of handling things in an adult manner. Oh, well - this, too, shall pass, right??

Peter and I are still fighting colds/allergies/sinus issues, going on a month for him, and somewhere around 3 months for me. Ughhhhh. Hannah's still got a nasty cough and runny nose, but seems to be feeling better. Amber's still got a cough and snottiness, and Mazie's just - well, she's just Mazie. Her nose runs when she's crying, but she's majorly drooly - which is probably from teething.

Mazie got two teeth - just after Christmas!! She got the two upper front teeth, and she looks SO adorable! She's got some sweet little ridges still, so she's working on cutting more soon. She's also starting to stand on her own two. Today she was holding onto the side of the playpen and just let go and put both hands behind her head and stood there for a minute until she realized she wasn't holding on, then she sat down pretty hard. She'll be walking before too long.... oh boy!

Baby Emma came to spend some time with us while Mommy took care of some things today - she's so beautiful! She did cry a bit, so I ended up holding her most of the time she was here. It was quite interesting when I did a diaper change, though, because I assembly lined them. Changed all three girls' diapers one after the other, so I sorta kinda got the feeling of having multiples. Scary! But we all enjoyed having her here, except Mazie - she was NOT happy about Nene holding another baby, and boy, did she let me know about it.

So that's the run-down on what's happening around here. I really need to try to do updates more often. Sorry about the slippage. Hope to post later in the week. :)

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