Sunday, July 08, 2007

Food for thought

I was watching a video about how snack foods are made, and while the narrator was talking about how Pennsylvania is the home of the "potato chip belt", they were showing old photos (late 1800's, early 1900's) of Amish farmers in their fields. In one picture, the farmer had turned around and looked directly into the camera. I got a chill up and down my spine, and the first thought I had was "Wow - wouldn't his future generations be SO happy to have that picture!!". I know I sure would be tickled pink to have good photos of my forbearers.

I realize that the whole issue of not taking photos is just a part of the Amish lifestyle and creed, but as a scrapbooker, it's almost as though there is a gaping hole there. Yes, I have the geneaology books and know about our family history, but it's sorta hard to put together a heritage album when all you have are stories. I did one of sorts when I first started scrapping, but it's nothing like what I'd love to be able to put together now, if I only had the photos to go along with the history and stories. I have two photos of my maternal grandparents and one or two photos of my paternal grandmother. That's it.

Am I the only one who feels this way about not having photos to document our family history?? What are your thoughts on this subject, especially if you come from an Amish background?

And if any of my family has pictures they wouldn't mind sharing - please email them to me. I'd sure appreciate it!!

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