Friday, June 01, 2007

Busy week

Since it's been a week since I checked in, this post might be a "little" long....

Saturday, we did.... NOTHING!! Yes, that's right. We napped, chilled out and just did absolutely nothing except bag up our Avon orders. And it was so nice to just be together and not be busy with life stuff. Sometimes we just have to do that. :)

Monday, Lori and Mom came up and we cleared out the office and set up tables in here and scrapped all day. I got 5 layouts done, which is great. The girls were here as well, they hung out and did their own thing, then Tausha came and brought Emma for supper.

Peter "worked" until around 2pm. He was put to work grilling for a lot of the group homes. When I spoke to him, he was on his 5th rotation of food on the grill and still wasn't done, and it was a big grill. He came home with a 9"x13" pan of meat that was left! The supervisors divvied out pans full to each house, and then he got one for being the cook. That was nice.

He pulled out the grill when he got home and cooked up an awesome dinner for all of us. Flora made macaroni salad and baked beans to go with, and they were soooo tasty. We had a blast just hanging out with each other.

It's been a hot and smoky week, and I've been dealing with major sinus/allergy issues because of the smoke, but I'm feeling somewhat better now. Am taking OTC Claritin and it's helping quite a bit, thank goodness.

Yesterday, Peter and I planted all our earthboxes, two other big pots with coleus and dusty miller, and repotted a peace lily and Christmas cactus. The walkway in front of our house looks so nice right now. The herbs we settled on planting are basil, oregano, parsley and thyme. He has looked all over town and we can't find a store that has chives on hand, so we'll keep looking and I'll pot them inside. :)

The girls were outside playing while we were busy - I stripped the babies to their diapers and they all three had fun playing in the water hose. They all ended up thoroughly soaked, then they played with the sidewalk chalk, and played out in the yard. They wore themselves out, so we brought them in and gave all three of them a nice shower, and fed them lunch, then it was naptime. By then, it was really nice to have about 45 minutes to just chill out and hear nothing. :)

Here's a few pictures from the past week:

Princess Emma enjoying the great outdoors

The view fom the front porch. The plant in the orange pot came inside last night. We're planning to paint the blocks so they don't look like blocks. Hopefully it'll make them look nicer.

"Wave" petunias. He thought he'd gotten two pink ones, but the one on the right is purple. I really like the colors. Hoping they'll spread out and get really full.

I got this cactus on Freecycle - one of the best groups there is! It was in a 6" pot, and I didn't realize how huge it was until we got it repotted in this 12" hanging pot. I'm really hoping it'll take off and grow now, and hopefully bloom.

And lastly, my wonderful honey - the hard worker that made all this planting possible. Actually, he did the bulk of the work while I corralled the children and "stupidvised". I did help, don't get me wrong, but he did all the heavy lifting and most of the actual planting. Thank you, Honey!!!

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