Thursday, June 28, 2007

A "heart-sweet" moment

This week has been a sorta rough one for my sweet honey. He's working weird hours, isn't managing to get enough rest, and has had his world sorta topsy-turvy this week because our home has been turned into a scrapbooking whirlwind, and has somewhat disrupted our routines. That's not a bad thing - we got the biggest part of the project done, and on time, which is awesome. And we were SO thankful to have our sister and one of our best friends here with us for the past few days. That's been sweet. :)

But going back to the no-rest thing, he's been really helping with the little ones this week, which is wonderful. He hasn't been getting enough sleep, though. Yesterday he was so tired, he slept on the couch and we actually had people coming and going, and he never knew anyone was here... now that's tired!!

Today we all took about a 4 hour nap. That was nice. He fed the girls lunch while I carried on with the project at hand, and then they played in the office with me while he sat outside on the swing. Right now, he's sitting in on the couch, Monkey lying across his lap with her head on the armrest, and they're having a conversation. Not just a sporadic word to each other here and there, but a fully concsious, intelligent, almost grown-up conversation (well, on Monkey's part, anyway!). It makes my heart smile to hear them just enjoying each other's company like that.

The girls all think the sun rises and sets on him, and he absolutely adores each of them as well. But he doesn't often have the time or take the time to just sit down and talk with them. I believe that the snuggles and conversation will help both of them to be just a little more happy tonight.

And that's a heart-sweet moment. :)


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