Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fun Weekend

Yesterday, Peter, Mom, Lori and I went to the monthly crop in Helena. Got to hang out with our friends, do some scrapping and a little shopping. I spent way too much money, but that just means I'll have to scrimp somewhere else. Got a beautiful album for $15.00, which was great. All my others are full. I counted all my full albums up last week, and since October, 2003, I've completed 10 albums, so that makes me feel good. Getting those memories preserved for whoever wants to look at them, and it's relaxing.

Today, I got up when Peter got home. He brought all my stuff in from last night, and I put everything away and finished the layout I didn't have time to finish last night. I chilled out all day and enjoyed a bagel from Panera. Yummmm-O!! This evening we went to the VBS program, and Peter got to video the whole thing. Hope it turns out well.

So now I'm exhausted, and am headed off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will just be a chill day - I plan to cook lunch, but I think it'll just be something simple, cool and light.

Hope you're having a good weekend as well.



  1. Thanks for changing your settings. I have now subscribed to you on my Google Reader

  2. It was nice to see you ! Hope to see you again soon. =)