Saturday, June 23, 2007

Whatta week...

This hasn't been the best week for any of us by a long shot, but hey - it's the weekend again, and we've all survived!! Yipppeeee!!

Hannah has been sick all week with strep - yay. Ughhhh. The babies are STILL sick, and as of Wednesday, I've been sick. Eww.

Hannah went to the doctor and chose the hiney-shot instead of 10 days of antibiotics. The babies are getting Benedryl and acetominiphen for their allergies/fevers. Me - it's back to hitting the bottle. Nyquil, that is. I'm feeling somewhat better, but we REALLY need rain to wash the allergens down some.

Went to our favorite Mexican place for lunch today - Hannah turned 4 on Wednesday and we didn't get to celebrate with her, so we did it today since we were both feeling better. Man, it was SO hot outside when we came out of the restaurant. Went out shopping at the scrapbook store, and one of the signs we passed said it was 100 degrees out! I totally believe it. It was SO miserable, so I believe that I'll be staying in the house most of the time from now on.

It's also been a long week since Lori, Mom and Faith have been gone to CM in Lakeland. Flora did come up on Tuesday and brought Emma Grace, but she cried most of the night, so we didn't get much done. It was nice to see both of them, though.

A couple of bright notes - we got our car fixed and out of the shop on Tuesday. Yay!! It's been down since somewhere around or before Christmas. We also got the a/c fixed, so my sweetie can have a nice cool car to drive around and I'll have a vehicle again. :) We went out on a date on Tuesday night and met the nicest young man. He was our server and happens to be from London, England, so we had a great conversation. He was really encouraging us to take a trip to England, and gave me a website to check for great airfare prices. Maybe someday we'll get to go on that dream vacation. :)

I'm off to play with my new paperstickyfoldystuff. Have a fabulous rest of the weekend.


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