Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's been an interesting day today. The girls are in rare form - don't know if there are storms in the forecast or if it's full moon or what, but they've been whacking each other, knocking each other down and just being kids. Val's trying to move into her "terrible twos" early. LOL

Anyway, I managed to get a few really cute photos this morning and wanted to share!

The girls love to climb on "My Pete"!

Isn't this just too cute??

My sweet Val - I just love the look on her face. :)

Val looks so sassy here! And yes, for those of you who were wondering - those are my SU! stamp blocks - the kids love them! :)

I looked over and saw that Hannah and Val were sitting in the block basket, and Monkey has her feet in and was upset that she couldn't sit in it too!! They cheesed it up for the camera. LOVE this!

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  1. Awe, too cute! Three girls in a 'tub' - too cute!
    Amber found a 'no brainer' huh? LOL