Monday, June 04, 2007

Yep, it's Monday!

Saturday, several of us went to Rosie's for lunch. While nibbling on my chips & salsa, I noticed a distinct grittiness. Yuck!! I managed to get the source out and upon investigating it further, realized it was part of my tooth!! Double yuck!!

I dealt with it over the weekend... no pain, no sensitivity to heat or cold, just little bits of grittiness whenever I ate. So this morning, I called my dentist's office as soon as they opened, and was able to go in right after lunch. Yay!!

I ended up having a (rather large) filling removed, and a new one put in, as well as a bunch of x-rays. The tooth has a crack in it, but they're hoping the filling will work for a while until our insurance will approve getting a crown put on.

The moral of this story: Don't eat Java jelly beans if you want your fillings to stay intact!! I've been hooked on jelly beans lately, and this is what happened. Apparently, the gumminess pulled out part of my filling....

So looks like I'm going to be abstaining from the yummy treats for a while.

Now Peter's gone to p/u dinner, and here I sit... the medication is wearing off, the feeling's coming back, and I'm wondering just how o earth I'm gonna be able to eat!

Yep... it's Monday all right!


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  1. Yukkiness for sure..............
    I'll be glad to take the belly's off your hands! LOL