Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Boy, it's hot outside!

The weekend was so nice and cool - perfect weather for sitting outside. A lady came by the house this afternoon and I stood on the porch talking to her for a little while. I was SO ready to come back inside!! It's just WAY too hot for me out there!! I did enjoy some outside time early this morning with the girls, though. It's really nice to sit in the swing and watch the birds, squirrels and cars that pass by.

My herbs are loving the heat, though. My basil has doubled in size in just two weeks! I've got a craving for fresh tomato salad with feta cheese, fresh basil & balsamic vinaigrette dressing. YUM!!

We got our weekly basket from the CSA yesterday. Got some greens that need to be cooked, sweet banana peppers, garlic, onions, potatoes & squash. I'm looking forward to getting things other than green stuff in my box soon! There's nothing like a vine ripened tomato that is still warm from the sun, sliced and put between two slices of bread with plenty of light mayo, salt & freshly ground pepper. Can you tell I haven't had lunch yet? LOL

Hope we get some rain soon. We so desperately need it. The rain we got Friday was wonderful, but our area has such a huge deficit from the past few years that it's just terrible.

One last note - a dear friend of mine told me this morning that she's been diagnosed with lymphoma. The particular strain that she has is normally extremely aggressive, but somehow hers is less aggressive. She has been fitted with a port for chemo already. She desires prayer, though. So those of you who can pray, please do. Her name is Virginia. She certainly would appreciate it.

Have a fabulous day!!


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