Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi, Y'all!

Just thought I'd update quickly to let everyone know that we're still alive around here. Life is what it is, which right now, is pretty good. :)

Lori and at least one of her children have been at our house for the past 4 evenings, and we have totally enjoyed their company. Peter and I cooked a large Southern meal last night, and we all really enjoyed that.

There's also been some paperstickyfoldystuffplaying around here, too. My desk is now cleared off and I've made 2 sets of cards last night and today. Lori is here working, hoping to scrap in a bit, and Mom's here scrapping for a while, too.

Peter brought our swingset out front and powerwashed it this morning, and he's taking some furniture out of the living room to give away. So there's more room in there. Yay!!! Now we can set up the second pack-n-play in the living room so the two babies can each have their own nap space.

Tomorrow, we want to finally get our Earth Boxes cleaned out and replanted. We're doing one with just spearmint tea, another with several different herbs and the last one with flowers. Can't wait to have fresh herbs at our fingertips. :)

Monday, Peter's planning to grill out. Yay!! We're trying to get our game plan together for who's bringing what. Hopefully we'll be able to throw down. Oh, and while he's cooking... the ladies will be SCRAPPING!!! :D

So you all be good and have a fantabulous weekend.


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  1. Cooking Uh? Well we finally got Sweetie another cookstove and it was installed this morning. She got a gas cooktop and boy, she sure is happy. Me too!!! The supper she whupped up on it were right dandylicimonius. Yuperinee it were!!! Ya'll keep kickin' and then come see us.
    Love ya,