Sunday, May 20, 2007

My world

As I was going through my photos just now, I found this photo. It's sorta blurry, not in focus, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to the unknowing eye. However, it's a perfect snapshot documenting a small slice of my world...

  • There's my laptop, that wonderful tool that helps me keep in touch with loved ones far and near, with an email being composed to someone that I care for very much.
  • My Stampin' Up! book opened in front of it, ordering something that I enjoy and which inspires my creativity.
  • The pen that I snitched from my sweetie, simply because it's a fine point, and I absolutely adore the way it writes.
  • My letter opener, which my loving older brother made for me a few years ago while he was unable to work. I lost the finial thingie on the end, but I'm still just as proud of it now as I was when he gave it to me. :)
  • My ever-present notepad (Yes, I do realize it says Viagra on it, but I got it back when I worked for Dr. Ditoro, so it's all good), which I use on a daily basis to write down important things, like my evolving lists, phone numbers, and cool websites I want to visit.
  • My trackball, which save my wrists from a lot of wear and tear, since I have carpal tunnel problems.
  • My yummmmmmy cinnamon roll candle in its' iron holder, which lets me burn it while it's sitting on my desk without worrying about fire.
  • And in the back, my rubber stamps... the ones that I use to make fabulous cards and gifts for those that I love.

These are simply a tiny portion of the things that I use on a daily basis, but which make my life a little easier each day.

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