Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrapblock Is Gone!

Wow, I think my scrappy dry spell is well and truly over, which is a GOOD thing!! Last weekend we went to the Helena crop and I did six layouts in about 5 hours. Yesterday, Mom, Lori and I went to a crop at the local scrap store and I got 8 more done!

Let me just say that I'm absolutely loving the Becky Higgins Sketches books! They help me SO much, and I'm able to be much more productive instead of spazzing over the layout.

I also have been really trying to use my older products. Who's to say that just because something is a couple of years old, that we shouldn't use it? I'm tired of trying to keep up with all the latest trends, and since I've got stuff, I may as well use it.

I've also been totally rockin' the Basic Grey papers, as you can tell here. I've been "careful" with it for so long, instead of using it, and finally decided that I'll enjoy it more if I have them in books. And that was a very wise decision. :)

Finally, I got up this morning and reorganized my scrap desk and I think I've got stuff where I can actually work now. It's been a work in progress, with tweaks here and there to see what works best for me. I set up everything just the way I do when I go to crops, so I'm really hoping it'll work for me. Now, I'm off to submit a few things to Basic Grey to see if they'll publish me again.... :)


My babies being ballerinas. I LOVE this layout... it makes my heart smile. I bought the quote a while back, and never found anything to use it with. It seemed to be simply perfect for this layout. If you can't read it, it simply says "a little child, a limber elf singing, dancing to itself".

Since these photos are so bright and colorful, I really like the muted tones of the papers and cardstock and the calming vibe they give this layout.

It was pure chance that the lighting was so phenomenal when I took these photos of Monkey taking a nap using her baby as a pillow. I really love the softness of these BG papers and the way they contrast the vibrance of the photos.

My first ever layout using Wild Asparagus!!!

Groovy LO using Daisy D's papers and Junkitz blossoms. I really liked the concept of using "masculine" colors for a little girl layout, and I really love the way it turned out.

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  1. Loving the layouts, Anita! And, yes, you are truly rocking the Basic Grey! :) Good for you for breaking out "the good stuff."