Friday, May 18, 2007


Warning: If you are hungry, you may want to eat before reading this.....

I'm absolutely loving this wonderful Spring-like weather. My windows are open today and we're just loving it. I'm going to take the girls outside in a bit and let them run until they wear themselves out. :)

Today's lunch was the first "official" garden lunch I've had. On the menu: fresh tomato sandwiches, radishes & spring onions, strawberries & a banana. Yummmm! Turns out Val loves tomato sandwiches as well. I had to hurry and eat the rest because she kept coming back for more. LOL

We got our first delivery from the CSA on Monday. I'm pretty pleased with the amount we got, considering that it is so early in the season. We got: lettuce mix, broccoli raab, radishes (all heirloom varieties), fresh garlic, green onions, oregano, collards & a dozen eggs. We've been on a weird schedule around here the past few days, so I just got a chance to clean everything up to use. The radishes & onions were part of today's lunch, and boy, were they yummy!

Although it's been a hard and fast rule that I HATE collards, my Mom should be proud of me - I have them all cleaned, cut up and in the pot cooking with some bacon. My honey said he'll eat them if I cook them, so there ya go. They don't smell anything like what I remember them smelling as a child, so I may just try a bite or two. Gotta have cornbread and hot sauce to go with, though. Oh, and some black-eyed peas...

Anyone wanna come over for supper???


  1. If this is a true offer, I'm there, dude! I love every BIT of that stuff!!!!!!

  2. Real food and it's FREE? Just call me a day before ya cook it and I will try to see ya.
    Come see us.
    Love ya'll,

  3. Sooo... did you try the collards? I love collards and the black eye peas make it even better. Yummy!