Monday, August 14, 2006

What's in a dream?

Do you ever have a weird dream and then you wake up and it's become a physical thing??? For instance, some years ago when I was working 70 or so hours a week with a man who was developmentally disabled, I had a dream that I was defending him from some guys who were trying to abuse him. I swung my fist, and to my surprise, I made contact with Peter's head!! I had hit him right between his eyes!!! What a rude awakening for both of us!

So this past week has been a bit rough, sleep-wise. Being able to go to sleep and stay asleep long enough to get rested has seemingly been impossible. Not to mention that whatever's going on in my daytime life sometimes carries on to my dreams. I knew the girls were coming this morning, so somehow I was dreaming about bad children. Dunno why, because the girls are pretty good most of the time. But anyway, in my dreams, they'd been playing in mud and then had somehow opened the gate from the backyard and were heading toward the road.

Then somehow I came up with a little boy to keep too. He did something really, really bad and as I was spanking him for being so naughty, I was woken up by the feeling of solid flesh under my hand! It just so happened that Peter actually got to spend the night at home last night, and much to both of our surprise, his shoulder became the perfect substiture for a fat little kid's thigh in my dream. LOL

We both got so tickled, and the more one of us would giggle, the more the other one of us would giggle. It was infectious, and although I had slapped him and woken us up, it was so funny and relaxing to wake up laughing instead of him being upset with me. So now I have had a fun beginning for the day and every single time I think about it, I start giggling again.


  1. hahahah. that's funny!
    I don't think I've done anything close to that before, but I'm the person that rolls over and smacks her nose on the wall. Waking up to pain, like a broken nose, is nothing to snort at! LOL I didn't break my nose...nor have I done this since I've been married... but it's happened more than once! Thankfully, my bed is no longer in the position of having one long side against a wall!

  2. LOL, can you hear me laughing? That is too funny - Poor Mr Peter - he gets beat up all the time - glad you both were able to laugh about it!

  3. Not ALL the time - just way more often than he'd like. With him working and only at home one or two nights a week, I'm just not used to having someone over on the other side to beat on when I'm having bad dreams!!! Hmmmmm - maybe that's why he takes his naps on the couch and lets the girls sleep with me??? LOL Yeah, Poor Mr. Peter. :D