Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So big!

She's been growing by the day, and is up on all fours rocking back and forth all the time, but she still can't sit up entirely by herself. She can sit up with minimal assistance, and loves being in the jumper and the exersaucer. Today she was sitting up after I changed her clothes and I just had to get a shot. She's looking at Peter (see last post), and he had his hand on her up until right before I took this picture. I'm so excited to see what new thing she's learned to do each day! :) She's just simply a living doll. I really love this baby girl.


  1. she is adorable, nita. what is her real name, anyhow. I just "hear" what you call her. She is so cute. How old is she again?

  2. All eyes on him - that is cute. And I love it when they can sit up on thier own, but then after that - it seems to just go on its own. The grow up so fast. Realize that our baby girl will be ONE YEAR OLD next month already? Seems like only yesterday she made her appearance to the world.