Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I know I still haven't posted photos of my scrap space, but part of that is because all of our energies have been focused on the kitchen/dining area lately.

Peter got the end wall and the outside wall painted all the way over to the freezer. He did a few other things too. The paint looks ukky in these pics, but it's a funky apple/lime/spring green. It really opens up the room, and all the trim is white. Our accent color (cabinet handles/drawer pulls) is cobalt blue.

We're going to start working on the wall where the wooden cabinets are, and will be sanding and painting the cabinets white, as well as putting up new hardware and door handles. That will probably start tomorrow night. :) Here are a few photos to show what all he's got done.

I LOVE cooking in my improving kitchen even though it can be frustrating when everything's pulled into the middle of the room!! Eventually, we'll replace the ugly 1970's flooring with blue and white or black and white tiles. :)

No door!! This is where the door used to be going from the dining area to the hallway!! It's amazing how much more open it looks with it gone!

Hannah's got a lime green shirt and she sorta kinda almost blends in!! LOL Imagine a darkish lime green for her shirt, and you can sorta tell what color the room is. I tried to find a sample online, but couldn't find an accurate example. :(

Pete chilling out at our dining table. We've actually got a tablecloth and a plastic cover on it!! I've got a matching (huge) tablecloth that I got for a great price on clearance, and I'm planning to make a half curtain for the window in the dining room, and valances to match for the dining room window and the kitchen window. Just need to hit Hancocks to check out the pattern books for some ideas on how to do it. Did I mention I'm not a huge sewing person? Looks like I'm about to become one though!! The china cabinet we're going to refinish will eventually find its home along this wall so I can display my heirloom dishes & my Princess House collection. :)


  1. love love love the color! Great job! I can't wait to paint MY living room and dining room and get my kitchen going too. We are knocking down walls sometime in the near future, I hope. :-)

  2. looks like its coming right along! Can't wait to see it when its all done! Good job.