Friday, August 18, 2006

Cup, cup, cup, cup, of, of, of, of.....

That's a partial line from "My Fair Lady" (my favorite movie EVER). The "cup of" is referring to a nice, hot cup of tea. Or tay, however you wish to pronounce it. It's still yummy to my tummy.

I have spent the worst part of the past few days sick. Yes, sick. As in not having any fluids left in my body at all sick. Not remembering anything sick. Barely being able to make it from the bed to the bathroom and back again sick. Finally yesterday, my sweet, darling, wonderful honey-bun made me a cup of tea... OH YEAH!! And a slice of dry toast. It seemed to be the magic trick - I haven't worshipped the porcelain throne since! It is hereby my firm belief that a cup of tea will fix what ails ya.

I've been so addicted to Starbucks, and when he brought me a coffee home on Wednesday night, I took about three sips, and that was all she wrote. Ughhhh. It was good the first time, not so good the second. Kinda sorta killed the craving for me, you know? :D

So now I'm on my second (or is it third) cup of tea today. And I'm feeling (sorta) good. Perhaps I'll try to make a cup of tea my new substitute for Starbucks. I know it sure would be less expensive, anyway!! :)

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