Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sickies have struck

Thanks to the various factors that affect each of us, everyone in our house is sick today, with the exception of Peter - he's almost impervious to illness.

The babies are both sick - snotty, grumpy, stuffed up, ukky. Being sick must be really not fun when you can't even blow your nose. Therefore, we've been using the "snot sucker" around here. Amber's even been bringing it to me, because while she hates it while I'm actually using it on her, she loves being able to breathe afterwards. Mazie - totally different story. I used it on her yesterday afternoon and she has been mad at me ever since!! Wouldn't even let me hug her yesterday before she left. She sounds like I need to use it again, but I don't want to listen to her scream.

Because I am sick. I'm snotty, post-nasal drip, ringing ears, stuffy head, sore throat, the works. Ugh. Hate being sick, it's the worst. I've already taken some medicine, hoping it'll help me feel better shortly. Peter brought me a huge cuppa Joe from BK, so maybe the warmth will make the chest aches lessen. Hope so, anyway.

Hannah's home sick today - she had a really rough night last night. Fever, restlessness, etc.

So those of you who can pray, please do so. Pray that this will hurry up and get out of our house, and that we don't start passing whatever it is around to one another. That we can all get well and soon so that we can finally meet baby Emma. I've not seen her yet, although I really want to, because I haven't felt well in a while, and didn't want to get her sick. Also, please pray that Peter won't succumb to the sickies. We'll do our part by trying to stay away from him as much as possible. Would hate for him to take ukkies to work and give it to his clients. That would be bad.

Anyway, on a positive note - I'm thankful to be alive, it's supposed to clear off this afternoon and be gorgeous!! They're calling for a high of 82, which is a HUGE change from the 33 degree low we experienced just a couple of days ago! Overall, life is good. :)

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  1. Sorry you got the sickies sis. Hope you get well soon!