Saturday, October 21, 2006

Need a bit of help, please

As most of you know, we're doing a lot of work on our kitchen at the moment, and I need some help...

I'm wanting to go purchase material to make curtains & valances for the windows & back door. I'm hoping to do a nice white batiste, with three ribbons for trim. Our colors are apple green, white & cobalt blue. If I buy the colored ribbons, is there something I can soak them in or some way to treat them so that they won't bleed when we wash the curtains? I'm planning to do a green ribbon stripe, a cobalt ribbon stripe and a nice plaid stripe, if I can find the right colors. I'd hate to go to the trouble and expense if they'll get ruined the first time I wash them, ya know?

I'm also planning to make the change to all cloth napkins as opposed to buying paper napkins. Not only will it be cleaner and safer for the environment, but cloth napkins are softer & gentler than paper. I thought I'd go find a nice preshrunk cotton and cut 18" squares, then just surge them around the sides and call them finished, unless my new machine has a hemming foot. Is this the right material to use? And what's the best way to finish them off? Is 18" too big? What is the normal size for a good quality napkin? Should I buy a different type of material to make formal napkins for those special occasions? And if so, what?

I realize I'm asking for a lot here, but I'm hoping that my wonderful friends will help me out with ideas. :)


  1. I don't know about the ribbons Anita but when I have DMC floss that I worry might bleed, I soak them in vinegar. Maybe it would work on ribbon too?

  2. I believe soaking them in a solution of vinegar and water will help set the colors.

  3. Vinegar helps them to NOT bleed.

    I would use a slightly heavier fabric then Cotton for your napkins - you have to iron the cotton ones - actually a cotton & polyester blend will work very nicely. 18" is a good size as well. Now, just let me know - if you can't figure out your NEW machine - I'll gladly "break it in for you" LOL