Monday, October 23, 2006

It's a girl thang...

All three of our girls are in rare form this morning.

Mazie's having a grand old time playing with her tongue and the toys on the exersaucer after having a nice hour long nap.

Amber came to me in a snit this morning, but within ten seconds of me closing the door, she was smiling and happy! I got out some jeans & a t-shirt for her that were Hannah's and I had put them up last spring because she grew out of them. They're still a bit big on her, but she looks so cute! She's all warm and toasty now.

Hannah came in loving and sweet this morning for a change. Usually she's a bit distant after two days of not seeing me, but this was a nice change.

We're right back into our normal routine, which is awesome. Here's a few shots of them all doing their thing this morning. I have more, but Blogger is being, well, it's normal cranky self and won't let me upload. Grrr But anyway... Enjoy! :)


  1. How Adorable!! Mazie looks like she is "leanin" like a lil' gansta...LOL Glad they are all happy campers this morning!!