Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just their imagination

Amber was sitting by me this morning and I looked over and she had this Jacob's ladder over her eyes and was saying "cheese", trying to get me to smile. It dawned on me that she's seen Hannah do this repeatedly, and she decided to try it. We bought this toy at the Amish store in Indiana last year, and Hannah never figured out how to use it, so she pretended that it was a camera. Now she's playing with it the way it was intended, and it's Amber's turn to play with it as a camera.

I just love these photos - it is just one of those special moments when you can't help but smile and be thankful the little ones can see every color in the spectrum, not just the black and white we tend to see as adults.



    Cute pics, Nita!

  2. awe, how cute! Looks a bit "cheesy" there! lol.

    Big hugz to Amber & Hannah.

  3. cuteness, just stopped by to say hi!!