Monday, July 31, 2006

Self torture

A few months ago, I said I would NEVER do this to myself again, yet here I am doing it all over. I signed up for some scrappy swaps on a couple of groups, and now I'm frantically trying to remember exactly WHY I felt the need to do so!!

I got three spots finished tonight - much to the dismay of my aching wrists, I'm sure. I hope they pass muster. Two were easy spots, one was to make two HM items using a new technique I learned recently. So I made tags - which I almost never use - using blue flicky photo mounting tabs and embossing powder. I think they ended up ok - not anything to write home about, but ok. The matting is green, the embossing is gold on black, the ribbon is gold and the flower is red. I just hope the lady these go to will enjoy them. :)

I now have only nine more spots to complete, three of which are cards - not just one card, but multiple cards for each spot. Also recipe pages. Arghhh! Why on earth did I do this? I'm gonna try to get it all worked out in the next few days so I can get back to my first love - scrapbooking. All these wonderful photos and papers are just calling out to me, and I desperately would like to heed their call. If I ever do this again, would you please just tell me NO?

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  1. I know the feeling sis, I gotta do the same thing myself - gotta find the mojo first though.