Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reminder to myself

Although I am tired and lethargic, I am profoundly thankful for many constants in my life. I am blessed so much.

I am thankful for (in no particular order, except #1):

1. The most wonderful husband a woman could ever dream of.

2. A beautiful home - a blank canvas to work on and create a nest for ourselves.

3. Family who loves me, even when we're in disagreement.

4. Three beautiful little girls who spend every day with me - I may get stressed and tired, but they're still my heart.

5. Friends who will listen to me and offer a shoulder to cry on, along with help and encouragement when things get tough.

6. My Mom. I'm thankful that she's still healthy and able to do all the things she does.

7. My sister by choice who allows me to be her child's "Daytime Mommy", and who acknowledges Peter and I as her daughter's other set of parents. And the fact that she appreciates the morals & education that I'm instilling in her child.

8. Creativity. I can take simple materials - paper, photos, adhesive and create a memory on paper to share with those around me.

9. Books: My constant companion since I learned to read at six years old. They go everywhere with me and allow me to escape to far lands and exotic locales without ever leaving my home.

10. Life: By rights, I should have died long ago. I'm thankful that a praying Mom and the Saints never forgot about me, and God allowed me to live and that I'm here today. :)


  1. You are so right - you are VERY blessed! You have ME for a sister! LOLOLOLOLOLOLL
    Seriosly, you are blessed - very talented, glad your still with us too.
    miss you in church - bugging me.
    Would rather have you there (church) - bugging me.

  2. thats a pretty cool list you got there :)