Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Awakening from a bad dream

Wow, things have turned out so very differently than I had thought. A lot of old memories and feelings were dredged up this afternoon in an intervention session. I've come to realize that life's too short to be miserable, and that I'm profoundly thankful for the wonderful husband that I've been blessed with.

I get to keep my babies, and hopefully will be able to be a blessing and a help while others get their act together. Apparently it's really hard to break old habits and to ask for help when things get tough. We will make it through if we all help each other and work together for the common good.

Those who can pray, please continue to do so. I fear that someone's sanity may lie in the balance, and that is NOT a good place to be in. When thoughts of just saying goodbye to this earth start creeping in, it's a sign that things need to change and in a very definate way. Sometimes you just have to eliminate those factors in your life that cause you to doubt your very existance and reason for being.

I feel loved and appreciated today, and am glad that I can use my past experiences (no matter how much it hurts to relive them through the telling) to help someone else and to let them know that I've been in their shoes. It will get better. :)


  1. So I guess it turned out "good" as it could? Glad. I for one will be praying for the situation.

    BTW, where oh where did you come up with the scrolly thing - you KNOW you gots to hook me up girl!
    MUAH, love ya.

  2. It did turn out well. I am very pleased with the outcome. As for the scrolly thing - props to Shell for doing it on her blog! I'll have to teach you some html so you can play, girlie!! :)

  3. hey girley!!! i love you!!!