Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chill, already!

For those of you (and you KNOW who you are) that keep wanting me to send pics of my new scrap area, just "haep da hussah" I'll post them when it's finished!!! Not a second before!! And don't even think about stopping in to see what's going on now - I'll shut the door and lock it!!

It's a surprise! Oh, and one of these days (hopefully sooner than later), when our house is all lovely and we've done all the painting, tweaking, decorating and decluttering, I plan to set up a Saturday crop here!! Oh, and I "MIGHT" even make some homemade lasagna. I'll ask for RSVP's later. :D


  1. OH -your are so mean to me. Whyfore would you lock the door? What have I done to deserve such treatment........
    Crop - Your house?? Details, details sweetie - we need details......heeheee

  2. I'd lock the door because nosiness just seems to run in the family and I KNOW you'd be in there trying to peek! LOL

    And I'll post details about a crop when everything gets done. My sweet husband is really working to get his long postponed projects done so we can entertain again. :)

  3. Anita, Hola. I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you signing some blog I found your blog. :) I am SO in the MOOD to scrapbook again. I need to do the one for the people that I went on a trip to the beach with. Anyway...I think your slide thing is neat and so are those great pages! Wow. Inspiring. :) ~