Thursday, July 27, 2006


After a dry spell and a bad case of "scrapblock", and a couple of months of not really being able to access my scrappy stuff because my space wasn't functional at all, I finally got to sit down and scrap tonight!

We've moved our office/playroom/scraproom all around so that I can have a scrap area, which is sorta like a cubicle. I can now sit at my desk and watch the children play right in front of me. :) It's great!! We're not quite finished with moving everything around, but I found it absolutely wonderful tonight to be able to sit in my chair and just swivel around to reach all of my things. I even used my new QuicKuts tonight! I've had it for probably six weeks and never used it.

The funny thing about the layout I did tonight was that I've had the papers and colors picked out and in a page kit for months, and when I sat down tonight to actually scrap it, the colors seemed all wrong! So I got this luscious Rob & Bob paper out and found the perfect Bazzill to match it and I love the result. It's got colors I normally don't use together, but I think a bit more orange and brown are in my future. LOL

Here's what I got accomplished tonight:

These photos don't do it justice. I'll upload scanned photos as soon as I get my scanner hooked back up. :)

Text reads: My Twin and I - There is a saying that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. Most people never meet their twin, but it seems that you can almost create a twin by dressing just alike. here, in all their glory are the twins and mini-me's from the Church of God at Westlawn. Spring 2005

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  1. Good job, can't wait to see them in "person"! I again didn't get ANYTHING done this week other than organizing again. And I know I won't get nuttin done this weekend other than at the crop - I get to play hostess to "someone special" so there goes my time! But it worth it! TTYL