Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring in the air?

Wow, today's just so amazingly beautiful, it makes me think (and hope) that Spring is on its way. It's so lovely to have the windows open, feeling the cool breezes, getting that whiff of fresh air, listening to the birds searching for their lunches, and just getting the winter musties out of the house. Even if we have to go through more cold spells, today just seems so much sweeter.

Peter pulled the plastic off the window in the office that overlooks the iris bed beside the house. He opened the window, and we are all enjoying the fresh air and the birds outside. The birds are singing, and we can hear them out there in the bushes as they walk around looking for a tasty morsel. It's so lovely!

Only drawback? The sight of two sapling trees that will have to be removed soon. There's already one fully grown tree in the iris bed, so the saplings have to go. We also need to dig up all the irises, clean out all the grass and weeds, then replant the irises this fall. It's so beautiful when all the irises are in bloom. The majority of them are a creamy white color, with a few purple ones here and there, and there's literally no space between the plants. The former owners planted them, and we absolutely love it.

The past couple of years, I couldn't really see them because my desk was in front of that window and I couldn't open it. This year, though - the only thing in front of the window is the toy bucket. I'm thinking that we may need to put a foot stool there so the girls can look out and watch the birds.

Anyway, just wanted to share my enthusiasm and excitement for the coming of Spring!! Woo hoo!!

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  1. It is simply gorgeous out there today as well. Had to run a few errands during lunch & so did NOT want to come back to work! Spring is in the air though.