Sunday, February 25, 2007


There are a few drawbacks to living within yards of your next door neighbors. We haven't really gotten to know our neighbors, other than the girl across the street, but she's a totally different story... The past few days have caused me to contemplate the relative seclusion of buying a house in the country.

Anyway, we've got young folks living across the street and a sorta youngish couple who lives next door. Both of these houses have frequent visitors who like to torture everyone within a mile with their "music", which basically boils down to a thumping bass line that rattles my windows and vibrates my lovely wooden floors. It gives me a headache and the constant drone of the bass makes me actually get nauseated. Weird, I know, but it makes me physically ill if I have to listen to it for very long.

Anyway, I would like to know how many people agree with me about this subject. Do you feel like your privacy is being invaded if you're inside your house trying to do your thing and you're forced to listen to the constant thumping and bumping coming from some inconsiderate person's car stereo?? Not to mention the fact that if it were up to you in the first place, it's not the kind of music you'd listen to in a million years?

Well, that's how I feel. I have my windows closed, storm windows shut, doors closed, and yet, when I'm in the back rooms of my house, I can hear the thump-thump-thump and can just imagine (and hope) that the result of their inconsideration is that every bold, screw and nut in their vehicle will be shaken loose and their entire car will simply fall apart so they can't pull up in the street and torture me any more.

Today, I took a step to stop the madness. Well, to hopefully slow it to an every-once-in-a-while occurrence instead of a several-times-daily one. I put the HPD non-emergency number in my cell phone so I don't have to look it up each time they won't cease and desist. And I saved it on my SIM card. :)

Now, if the cop who lives 4 doors down would just speak up and ask them to please stop....


  1. Sadly enough, if you live in the city, you usually have to deal with things that you wouldn't in the country.

    When we first got married, J. and I lived in a condo, which is not far from where we live now. There was this one guy that visited the building nearby and would have his music WAY up, leave the drivers door open and then go visit his friend for different amounts of time. We finally moved and bought us a house. Only to discover that this individual lives about 2 houses down from us. I've noticed, at least, that he doesn't do that at home. :-)Come to think of it...I should have went and hit the lock button on his doors and then closed the door! HA!

    The thing we have to deal with the most around here that is annoying is the motorcycles. Nay, ninja-type things. Since I don't call those MOTORcycles, but don't want to refer to them in the common way that most do, I will just call them Ninja-type-things. LOL Once the weather gets a bit warm and green starts popping up in the yards and on trees, the things start racing up and down our street at very high rates of speed and very wee hours of the morning. you would think that the guy smacking into the back of a stopped car not long ago would have taught them all a good lesson!

    BUT, we also have a guy that lives behind our house that drives a REAL motor cycle. He likes to make alot of noise with it too. VERY annoying.

    I realized soon enough that complaing to the cops about music never works. They never get there in time to catch them and therefore do anything about it.

  2. We had one go down the street & litterly rattled the windows & we could feel the vibration on the floor! That is bad.

  3. I can so relate, Anita. Not so much where we live now but a couple years ago we had neighbors (plural) who liked to "entertain" the neighborhood with their "music" (and I use the term loosely). It was sooo beyond annoying. Sorry you're having to deal with this. :(