Sunday, December 12, 2010

New life, New direction...

Up till now, this blog has been about me. My struggles, triumphs, all the ups and downs, and everything in between. My life has changed drastically, and I'm blessed to have my life partner share my interests. One of our main passions is food. Glorious, freshly prepared, ooey-gooey, crisp, crunchy, chewy, silken, you name it, and we're into it. Lately, I have noticed that I've been creating my own recipes and variations more than using someone else's recipes. I've always been that way, to a point, but now, it's all about freshness, nutrition and overall, TASTE!!

Having said that, I'm going to start posting about my successes (and failures) in the kitchen. I'll share my recipes and any tips I may discover. I'll post about new things we try. I'll still share the important events and going-ons in my life, but I truly have a passion for food, and since a lot of my friends seem to like my foodie Facebook updates, I'll just expand my posts here. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. And if there's anything special you need a good recipe for or a kitchen tip you'd like to know about, LET ME KNOW!! :)

Much love & hugs!! :)

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