Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where milk really comes from

Hannah and I had quite the conversation last night. She came bounding into the room with excitement just shining on her face. I wrote down our complete conversation so I can have it for scrapbooking later. :)

Hannah: Nene, do you know where milk comes from?

Me: Where?

H: Cows!!

Me: No, it doesn't! It comes from ELEPHANTS!

H: No it doesn't. It comes from COWS!

Me: Uh-uh. It comes from elephants. Just ask Faith!

H: Nuh-uh, it comes from cows. My Mommy told me so.

Me: Your Mommy was teasing. It really comes from elephants.

H: No it don't! Elephants don't have those squeezy things on the bottom!

Me: (laughing too hard to respond)

H: Milk comes from COWS. Elephants just come full of water.

By this time I had recovered my breath enough to ask Peter for my scrappy idea notebook and a pen and was furiously writing all this down. She's just way too stinkin' funny sometimes! She makes my heart smile, though, and that's worth it all. :)

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