Saturday, April 28, 2007

In a Scrappy kind of mood

I signed up for a card swap somewhere around 3 months ago. I just couldn't seem to get motivated, though. Tonight I finally finished. Whoooopie!! They're going into the mail tomorrow (I forgot to take pictures), and I feel like I've got a monkey off my back. Don't know why - I love playing with my paperstickyfoldystuff, but for some reason I just couldn't find my mojo. :(

Now that those are finished, I have a page all ready to be assembled, and it's one that I'm actually excited about! I'll try to be sure to share a photo of it when I'm finished.

We got a LOT of things done today that needed to be done. We shipped one package today, have two more ready to go out tomorrow, all my Avon is invoiced, just waiting on the shipment to come tomorrow. I've got his life insurance application thingie ready to turn in, got a sweet rebate form ready to mail. Needless to say, I can now see the top of my desk. Yeee haw!!

On another note, my sweet honey and I are making plans for a mini-getaway to celebrate our anniversary in a couple of weeks. I'm SO excited!! A whole weekend with my honey sounds SO wonderful. I'm thankful that he likes to work, but I miss him when his hours get so long.

So that's life at the moment.

Two major blessings this week:
1. Peter got a great review and a halfway decent raise. Makes the paycheck look much nicer. :)

2. I was putting something in the oven the other day and the lid slipped off. I thought I had enough room to just reach in and pull it back where it needed to be and I managed to get my knuckle right on the preheated element!! It hurt, but I ran cold water over it and it never even blistered. It is turning brown and scabby, but it's totally dry, and should be healed very soon. To me, that's a miracle, and I'm VERY thankful. :)


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  1. Good things: Peter's good review and raise (way to go, Peter!), escaping a serious burn, and an anniversary trip. Yay you! :)