Monday, April 16, 2007

Bad blogger....

So I've been slipping - sorry about that!!

Life is GOOD, folks, life is sooo good. :)

Changes are happening, and I'm (finally) feeling more myself. I'm happy and excited by each new day again. Some things have been taken care of in the past week that have made a HUGE difference - you just can't beat that!

I've actually been playing in my paperstickyfoldystuff again. Yay, me!! I made five cards the other night while Lori and Florabeth were here visiting. It's so nice to all be in the same room and be able to do different things.

Tonight Lori, Mom and I went to a card class. We made 16 cards from one sheet of 12"x12" paper. We came home with some lovely cards and neat ideas for cards we'd like to make in the future. I also came away with two stamp sets. Of course, one of them is SHOES (not that I like them or anything), and the other is one I've been eyeballing for a while now. I'm excited!!!

On another note, our baby girl has FINALLY decided she's ready to walk. Not only walk, but beat up on her sister. Guess what they say about paybacks is true. LOL She gets around quite well, but her preferred mode is to walk barefoot. She's not really happy about trying to walk in shoes, but she does when she has to.

Hannah's gotten some quality time with her Nana over the past week. She hung out at home with her Mommy today, but that's cool. She went to a crop in Birmingham with me last Friday night, so I'm sure she needed a two day break from us. LOL

Amber was such a good girl today - I just have to brag on her. She came to me this afternoon and said "Nene, I'm tired. I lay down now, please?" How on earth can you refuse???? So she went and sat on Peter's lap and took a nap with him. Such a sweet girl...

Peter's been taking a little time to be at home more. It's SO nice to have him here. He just doesn't know how incredibly much I miss him when he's working so many hours. He is such a sweetie, and makes my heart smile.

So that's what's going on in our world. Not exciting, not incredible, but it's life, and best of all, it's MY life! Nothing at all to complain about... nothing at all.

Be good and say "I love you" to those who matter the most. If you see someone, smile - it may be the only one they see all day.



  1. I love you, Anita.

    And I miss you too.


  2. I'm smiling! Glad things are getting better for you Anita! Looking forward to another happy night tonight! Huggles.