Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Silly Little Girls

So far, this week has been a good one for all of us. The girls have been in fine form, exhibiting much imagination and silliness. Of course, the camera has been called into use quite often the past few days. A few examples:

Who needs to discipline the children when they'll do it themselves?? Don't know where Hannah came up with this idea, but she taught Monkey, and it looks like they did a good job of it!

We got this box last night and since I've got such fond memories of playing with boxes as a child, I left it out for the girls to play with today. They've had MUCH fun with it, as you can probably tell from all the creases on the sides. Monkey decided she wanted to take her nap in the box, and since she fit, I let her! Couldn't resist taking photos for posterity, though. It's a good thing she's so tiny - she fit perfectly!

She's making progress!!! We got her to take a few steps on Monday, and a few yesterday, but today she just stood there. It's really just a matter of time before she takes off, and then are we ever going to be in trouble!! She just looks so proud of herself here. Love this baby girl!!

On another note, something really funny that she did a few minutes ago (funny for me, not so funny to her), is chew on her thumb. She's teething and her thumb is always in her mouth when she sits down or is sleepy. So I was holding her and she had her thumb in her mouth, drool running down her arm, saturating my shirt, and all at once she started screaming and crying. Since I hadn't moved, but was simply typing on the computer, the only thing I could figure was wrong was that she BIT her thumb!!! It's really funny to watch her when she does this, since she does it at least once a day. Seems like she'd figure out not to bite down, since it's gonna hurt! She's just too funny, and always keeps us in stitches.

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  1. Awe - what a fun day! The little acrobats are adorable - amazing what all they can come up with. The box reminds me of my number 2 DD sleeping in the doll baby carriage! And little bit will be walking before you know it & like you said 'oh boy' what fun that is!